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Caron Bradshaw OBE reacts to Budget 2021 announcement

“The Chancellor has failed to repair the safety net used by millions of citizens every day…”

Charity Finance Group’s CEO, Caron Bradshaw OBE, comments on today’s Budget announcement by the Chancellor:

“CFG was initially encouraged by the Chancellor’s opening gambit that he recognises the extraordinary hardship so many people are now facing. However, the government has once again failed to recognise the vital role civil society plays in protecting and supporting those same people.

“The Chancellor has failed to repair the safety net used by millions of our citizens every day, despite us very clearly laying out why an Emergency Support Package and longer-term support measures are needed #RightNow.

“Deliberate and continued refusal to support social change organisations delivering public benefit leaves our sector precariously balanced on the cliff edge of rising demand and reducing income.

“There are few bright spots in this Budget that we must acknowledge. The extension of the furlough scheme until September 2021 will come as a relief to many. But as we have come to expect, a failure to engage in amending this scheme – in order to support continued delivery of services – leaves the sector having to decide between mobilising or mothballing.

“The additional money for domestic abuse survivors, and mental health services for veterans, as well as the additional funding for the arts and culture sectors, is a start, but pales into insignificance when stacked against measures to boost business. This is yet another example of a failure to value the contribution to the economy and society delivered by our sector.

“If the government is serious about reducing the rapidly widening inequalities in our communities, then it cannot continue to ignore social change. The Chancellor is spot on that now is the time to invest, but that investment must be in all areas of the economy and not just those leading to private profit. Without it, enterprise won’t lead to levelling up, it will lead to cashing in.

“Today’s Budget is best described as a huge missed opportunity, but it is not too late to address these deficiencies. We will keep pressing government to ensure their words lead to positive social change as the economy and society starts to focus on coming out of this crisis.”


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