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Scotland charities and 31 December filing deadlines

The Scottish charity regulator, OSCR, issues advice on what to do if your charity is struggling to file accounts before the deadline.


Here at CFG we know that many charities have been affected by the shortage of availability in the audit market, and your audit may not quite have crossed the finish line in time for you to meet your filing deadlines.

If this sounds familiar, and you are due to file your accounts and annual return with OSCR before the end of 2023, you should contact OSCR immediately by email or by using the contact form on OSCR's website.

OSCR are reviewing charities in this situation on a case by case basis and may be able to help you.

By sharing information about your charity's situation, you can also help OSCR understand the factors which are at play, and the scale of the problems facing charities across Scotland.


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