Silent Eight

Contact: Andrew Fenton

Silent Eight Pte. Ltd.
2 Leman Street
London E1 8FA

We are an award-winning technology company with a mission to stop financial crime. We partner with global organizations to realize efficiency, uniformity, and accuracy gains. Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, combined with our desire to protect the world from financial crime, led us to develop a solution that improves our customers’ due diligence process and provides immediate value to their institution.


Fighting money laundering, terrorist financing, and the human cost of both are at the core of our work. We recognize that we are not alone on this journey, but rather there are countless organizations fighting the same battle alongside us daily. Partnering with charities enables us to ensure that donations come from reputable sources and that the proceeds are not subsequently sent to facilitation partners that are linked to sanctioned states or individuals.


Together, our technology can enable your charity to de-risk and future proof its processes. By tackling this issue head-on, we can remove the reputational risk charities face when dealing in complex jurisdictions, and the consequences that it can have on donations. In addition to offering our solution to CFG members, we are eager to share our expertise in regulatory compliance and AI as well as learn from member organizations about their pressing and ever changing needs.We are honored to play a small part in supporting the nonprofit sector in its commitment to make the world a better place.



Governance, regulation and compliance