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Triodos Bank
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We offer a range of straightforward sustainable accounts, from our charity current account, to a variety of savings, loans and investments. We also support charities to raise capital through our crowdfunding platform.

We think banks should be open and honest, so we publish details on our website of every organisation we lend to. By lending only to organisations who put people and planet before profits, we know that our customers’ money is working to create a positive impact.

Across Europe, we connect savers, depositors and investors who want to change the world for the better, with entrepreneurs and sustainable organisations doing just that. It’s how Triodos Bank Group has grown since 1980 to manage assets of €14.5bn and achieve a net profit of €37.4m in 2017 (Triodos Annual Report 2017).

We finance projects and organisations that have a positive impact on society, culture and the environment. Partner with us and you’ll be part of a strong and growing community of people and organisations working for a better world.

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Everything Barrow Cadbury Trust does as an organisation it does with its social mission hat on -- whether it's to ensure our cleaners are on a Living Wage, making sure our endowment is not invested in arms, alcohol or gambling, or choosing the right bank. With this in mind, about four years ago we started the process of reviewing our banking, focusing on socially-minded, ethical banks such as Triodos. The Trust found a good fit with Triodos’ stated commitment to only lend money to people and organisations making a positive cultural, social or environmental impact, as well as its expertise in the charitable and social sector.

Mark O'Kelly, Director of Finance & Administration, Barrow Cadbury Trust

Emmaus Sheffield is a place for formerlly homeless people. It's very difficult to get mortgages and stuff for these places - but then we alighted on Tridoos Bank. It's not only about being able to borrow money, it's about people undertsanding what you do. They came along and said: 'We think you can do this, let's help you!'

Graham Bostock - Community Manager, Emmaus Sheffield



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