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  • Are you prepared for a WTO Brexit?

    Topics: Charity finance policy
    Posted by: Caron Bradshaw
    On: 23.01.2019

    By Caron Bradshaw, CEO, Charity Finance Group

    With the prospect of a no deal Brexit lurking on the horizon, Caron Bradshaw talks about the implications of WTO and urges charities to take action to protect their beneficiaries.

    Time to read: 5 minutes
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  • What the recent SCOTUS judge controversy can teach us about the Charities’ SORP

    Topics: Accounting and reporting / Charity finance policy / Governance, legal and compliance
    Posted by: Caron Bradshaw
    On: 15.01.2019

    It's hard to get excited about the current review of the charities' SORP says Caron Bradshaw, but it's imperative we engage with the consultation. Like the recent controversial appointment of the US Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the implications for the future are significant.

    • Join our webinar on Friday 18 January to find out more
    • Have your say - consultation deadline, 4 February
    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Working together for a stronger sector

    Topics: Leadership and career development
    Posted by: Caron Bradshaw
    On: 07.01.2019

    By Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive, Charity Finance Group

    At the close of a turbulent year, and facing the beginnings of a new one, Caron Bradshaw talks about why our sector needs to continue to stand together, collaborate, lead by example and share the love.

    Time to read: 4 minutes
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