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Get set for Gift Aid Awareness Day 2022!

Gift Aid Awareness Day is less than ten weeks away! Emma Abbott, Communications Manager, CFG, explains what's in store for this year's #TickTheBox campaign and how you can get involved!



This year’s Gift Aid Awareness Day will be held on Thursday, 6 October 2022.

Every year since 2018, charities across the UK have been taking to social media in October to share the #TickTheBox message with donors, members, supporters and volunteers.

In 2022, we’re once again inviting you to take part!

This year’s #TickTheBox campaign will focus on the value of Gift Aid. We’re inviting all charities to share on social media, on your website and in your newsletters, the impact that Gift Aid has on the people and communities you serve.

And whatever your charity’s purpose, we want Gift Aid Awareness Day to be another opportunity to show your supporters the amazing things you do, thanks to those who #TickTheBox.

Our first message for 2022 is:

When you #TickTheBox, we can do so much more...

Times are hard for donors and charities alike. That’s why we want to acknowledge those who have given so generously in the past year.

Our second message to all those who remember to tick the box is:

If you #TickTheBox - thank you!


How you can get involved:

Here are four things you can do in advance of Thursday, 6 October...

1. Download our social media and print assets.

Share our digital assets on the day, including logos, posters and graphics. And get creative with them too! If there are any particular assets you would like to see, please let us know! Please note: more assets and graphics will be added in the coming weeks, so please check back for more!

2. Create and line up social media posts and content.

Prepare blog posts/articles explaining what Gift Aid is and the importance of Gift Aid to your charity. We want to make Thursday, 7 October the day #TickTheBox takes over on social media.

3. Contribute your expertise to our new Knowledge Hub.

We’ll be sharing open resources during Gift Aid Awareness Week on our website. If you’re a CFG corporate partner with expertise in Gift Aid and would like to feature, please email your interest.

4. Attend our free Gift Aid event

Express your interest in attending our free Gift Aid webinar on Thursday 6 October. Email the Policy Team and let them know how many from your organisation would like to attend (open to CFG members and non-members).


To find out how to get involved on the day, download our full campaign briefing.


If you have any questions about the #TickTheBox campaign or would like to share ideas on how to make the most of the day, please get in touch! Email Emma Abbott, Communications Manager, CFG.



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