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CFG and Pro Bono Economics publish Economic Outlook Briefing 2022/23

MEDIA RELEASE: An overview of all the key economic issues and trends to help charities make sense of the year ahead.

Charity Finance Group (CFG) and Pro Bono Economics (PBE) have today [10 March 2022] published an Economic Outlook Briefing for the charity sector.

This year’s briefing provides an overview of the key economic issues and trends that may affect charities in the UK over the next financial year.

As the sector deals with the aftermath of the pandemic, which put an unprecedented squeeze on charity finances, it now faces the twin pressures of inflation and tax rises in 2022/23. The outbreak of war in Ukraine is a tragedy for the millions of people caught up in it. Here in the UK, we are fortunate in many ways but the war will compound the economic challenges now facing the country and the rest of Europe.

The latest Economic Outlook Briefing from CFG and PBE will assist charities in making sense of the mounting financial, operational and governance pressures that the year ahead will bring.


Rachel Gomez, Economist at Pro Bono Economics, said:

“After two years of economic tumult as a result of the pandemic, the charity sector and the country as a whole now face a daunting cost of living crisis in 2022/23. The outbreak of war in Ukraine is having tragic human costs, and will also compound the economic challenges ahead for the UK and across Europe.

“Charities will be understandably concerned and keen to find out what these uncertain economic times will mean for their finances and day-to-day operations.

“This latest Economic Outlook Briefing from CFG and PBE is a guide designed to help charities navigate the rocky economic terrain over the next 12 months. As a sector at the forefront of society’s most pressing issues, it is vital that charities have access to expert economic analysis and insights.”


Rui Domingues, Director of Finance & Operations at Charity Finance Group, said:

“It will come as little surprise that the economic picture in 2022 is far from pretty. Not only is the country still making sense of the socioeconomic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are now also facing additional uncertainties due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

“This year’s Economic Outlook Briefing makes sense of that picture by bringing together, in one place, all the pertinent data specifically written with the sector’s decision makers in mind. Trustworthy, easy-to-access data is vital at times like these because it helps our sector to make better-informed decisions. The Economic Outlook Briefing is just one of the ways we provide that support and I’m proud to commend this edition to you.”


Download the Economic Outlook Briefing 2022/23


Look out for more economic and political analysis from CFG and PBE following the Chancellor’s Spring Statement, which includes an economic and fiscal forecast, on 23 March.


About Pro Bono Economics

PBE uses economics to support the social sector and to increase wellbeing across the UK. It combines project work for individual not-for-profits and social enterprises with policy research that can drive systemic change.

About Charity Finance Group

Charity Finance Group is the charity that inspires a financially confident, dynamic and trustworthy charity sector. CFG does this by championing best practice, nurturing leadership and influencing policy makers.

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PBE Press Office at or 07715 073433. Follow Pro Bono Economics at (@ProBonoEcon) and Matt Whittaker (@MattWhittakerPB) on Twitter.

Emma Abbott, Communications Manager, Charity Finance Group. Follow CFG @CFGtweets.

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