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CFG statement on Chancellor's Cost of Living Support announcement

Dr Clare Mills, Director of Policy and Communications, CFG, responds to the announcements made today [26 May 2022] by the Chancellor on the Government's cost of living support package.

Dr Clare Mills comments:

"The Chancellor’s package of support measures will come as welcome relief to millions of people across Britain today. As rising inflation and the cost-of-living crisis bites hard, we’re very pleased to see that the Government is finally acknowledging the severity of the situation and the effect this is having on so many people. We welcome today's strong, positive action.

"The real test comes next. No one knows how long this cost of living crisis will continue and what the economic situation will be this time next year. Uncertainty and hardship will remain for many, for some time to come.

"Like the canary in the coalmine, the charity sector will continue to warn of damaging effects of policy on real people's lives. Unlike the pandemic, this crisis has been anticipated and spoken of repeatedly over recent months.

"And so the charity sector must continue to do what we’ve always done – challenge and tackle the systems and decisions that lead to inequality, poverty and social injustice, as well as responding to the consequences.

"We’re pleased that the Government has once again shown that it can step in to provide support when it has the political will to do so. As ever, we’d welcome more dialogue with the Government on the issues. It’s only through discussion that we’ll find meaningful, lasting solutions, to go alongside today's short-term help."

The full details of the Government's Cost of Living Support package.

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