Banking and financial services

Your funds must be properly managed and your banking arrangements must be suitable for your organisation's needs. Understanding the latest banking and financial services are key to this. Our resources help you to ask the right questions and make the right choices for your organisation. Plus, we share the work CFG is doing to help improve financial services for the charity sector. 


De-banking: can charities prevent bank account closures?
9 April 2024
How has being ‘de-banked’ grown to be such a major risk for charities? What can charity financial professionals do to safeguard their organisations from it? And is there hope on ...

Risk and resilience in 2024
17 January 2024
What lays ahead in 2024? Sam Burne James speaks to charity sector leaders for their predictions, insights and advice on how to reduce risk, remain resilient and prepare for the ...

Meet our conference sponsors: HSBC Global Private Banking
22 May 2023
Ahead of CFG's Annual Conference 2023, Sophie Ward, Head of Charities and Education at HSBC Global Private Banking, talks to Emma Abbott about the resilience of UK charities, how the ...

Charitable donations: the great digital transition
8 December 2022
Cash is no longer king, but it remains vital, say Barclays in a new report on charitable giving and the changing face of technology.

Cash deposits: could your charity earn more?
7 December 2022
Managing cash well is vital for the success and sustainability of any charity. Fortunately, there are more choices than ever when it comes to finding the right solutions. Insignis provides ...

What's driving up insurance premiums in 2022?
1 December 2022
Why have insurance premiums increased and what can your organisation do about it? Simon Hickman from Access Insurance shares some insights.

Charity banking challenges: briefing no. 1
29 June 2022
Over 1200 voluntary organisations responded to a survey commissioned by the Civil Society Group between March and May 2022. This joint publication is the first briefing from the survey report, ...

Understanding the challenges of FX
22 June 2022
How can a good foreign exchange management help your organisation? Naziar Hashemi from Crowe and Curtis Noble from, share their initial findings from the latest INGO FX Insights survey, ...

Insolvency in financial institutions
20 May 2022
What happens if your charity's bank or building society fails? Dr Clare Mills shares an update on the work CFG is doing with the Bank of England to identify the ...

Annual Conference 2021: Meet our Sponsors
22 July 2021
CFG is delighted to announce four sponsors for this year's CFG Annual Conference - Leading the Way: Effective, Inclusive, Resilient. We welcome HSBC Private Banking as the event's headline sponsor, ...

New guide helps charities make sense of modern banking
18 October 2022
Demystifying modern banking for charities and not-for-profits is the aim of a new guide published by HSBC in partnership with CFG.  

Charity sector calls on banks to adapt their services and reduce burdensome bureaucracy
23 June 2022
CFG members have "told us, loud and clear, that changes to charity bank accounts and services have increased the challenges being faced when they are trying to look after their ...

Accounting without Borders
Accounting without Borders helps not-for-profit organizations deliver maximum positive impact efficiently and effectively by improving financial systems. AWB has worked in 13 countries since its inception. Our services are grounded ...

Crown Agents Bank
Crown Agents Bank is a global wholesale bank, regulated in the UK, specialising in cross-border payments and FX for hard-to-reach markets. Through its unrivalled network, technology, and expertise it helps ...

Downing LLP
Downing is a responsible investment manager founded in London in 1986. Our vision is to be a leader in our chosen markets, so that we can deliver attractive returns for ...

Ebury Partners UK Limited
Our aim is to help charities overcome unique bottlenecks faced when sending funds abroad. This is achieved through a wide range of risk mitigation strategies, ensuring your charity is in ...

Stuart Davis Consulting Ltd
We specialise in helping charities with finance and operations. We can help with simple one-off advice, outsourcing services, setting up a charity, transforming an existing team, or dealing with a ...

Unity Trust Bank PLC
As an award-winning ethical bank, our savings deposits and lending help organisations to grow and make a positive difference to their communities. We work with organisations that deliver social impact, ...