Governance, legal and compliance

All too often, the main reason behind failure within the charity sector is poor governance. Trustees are ultimately responsible for the functioning of the charity, but regularly turn to finance professionals for support.

Charities are also subject to a range of regulations which are unique to them, so all charities need to understand the rules and put in place systems to ensure compliance. Breaching rules can put funding at risk, lead to the loss of banking services and damage the reputation of the charity.

While this may sound very serious, it’s our role to assist charities to navigate complex rules and manage risks. That’s why we’ve developed a range of information and courses to help your charity develop confidence when it comes to governance and regulation.


Strategic litigation: how charities are leading the way and driving impact
31 May 2024
What is strategic litigation and how can charities use it to drive impact? Leticia Jennings and Katy Sawyer from Bates Wells take a look at the opportunities, risks and issues.

De-banking: can charities prevent bank account closures?
9 April 2024
How has being ‘de-banked’ grown to be such a major risk for charities? What can charity financial professionals do to safeguard their organisations from it? And is there hope on ...

A legacy that will live on
9 April 2024
After eight years on CFG’s board of trustees, Gary Forster has bid farewell to CFG. Talking to Emma Abbott, Gary reflects on his time as chair, the many highlights, the ...

Pension funding changes – do you know how they will affect you?
8 April 2024
New regulations impacting DB pension schemes will come into force later in the year. Ed Symes FIA, from Lane Clark & Peacock LLP, explains the changes and what charities can ...

Cracks in the system: Is welfare still working?
2 April 2024
CFG and others have called for an 'Essentials Guarantee' to be introduced. What is it, why is it needed and what difference could it make to charities and the people ...

Employment law: is your charity ready for the update?
28 March 2024
This April sees the biggest employment law update we have had in a number of years. Emma Ferry from Bluestone HR shares a summary of all the key changes.

CFG briefing: spring budget analysis 2024
6 March 2024
CFG takes a look at the Chancellor's spring budget announcements and analyses what they mean for the charity sector.

Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill and internal controls
5 March 2024
New laws to prevent fraud have now come into effect. Helena Wilkinson from Price Bailey looks at what they mean for charities and shares an overview of updated Charity Commission ...

New guidance on accepting, refusing and returning donations to your charity
5 March 2024
Not sure whether to accept, refuse or return a donation? CFG takes a look at the Charity Commission's new guidance which sets out the latest legal rules for trustees.

Know the law: campaigning in an election year
5 March 2024
With a general election on the horizon, the Charity Commission and Electoral Commission chairs have shared advice for charities engaging in public debate. Jane Marshall from BHP takes a look ...

Struggling to submit your annual charity report and accounts?
16 January 2024
Difficulty filing this year's accounts due to pressures on your auditors? You're not alone! Dr Clare Mills shares the risks of late submissions along with the latest 'next steps' advice ...

CFG Briefing: Autumn Statement 2023
22 November 2023
What does the Chancellor's Autumn Statement mean for you and your organisation? Richard Sagar, Head of Policy, CFG, takes an in-depth look.

Diversity in practice: charity governance
31 October 2023
Is your charity board clear on best practice around diversity? Sung-Hyui Park and Tesse Akpeki from Bates Wells take a look at the Charity Governance Code and share its key ...

What to consider when running a charity audit tender process
19 October 2023
Are you thinking about changing your auditors? Wondering how to go about it? Richard Barker, Director of Finance and Resources at Goodenough College, shares some advice.

AI: opportunities, threats and policy
19 October 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly and adoption is moving at a lightening pace too. Eleonor Duhs from Bates Wells takes a look at how policy-makers in the EU, US ...

"I do feel their pain!"
12 October 2023
Recent research by CFG shows that charity audits are becoming ever more costly and complex. At the same time, auditing is fast-evolving and needs to attract more talent. What, if ...

Gift Aid 101 with Rachel Cooper
5 October 2023
Join Gift Aid expert Rachel Cooper and CFG's Richard Sagar to learn how to get going with Gift Aid and avoid common errors when making claims.

Generational diversity: how diverse is your board?
21 September 2023
How should charities structure their trustee boards to best address the societal, economic and technological shifts that they face? David Myrddin-Evans from Brewin Dolphin explores the issues.

How to avoid employment tribunal claims
11 September 2023
Defending an employment tribunal can cost your organisation dearly, in time as well as money. Rebecca Pallot from Mills & Reeve shares best practice guidance on how to avoid being ...

Property development for charities
7 September 2023
Following on from CFG's popular VAT and Tax Conference in July, Socrates Socratous from Buzzacott outlines the VAT implications for different types of property use and development.

How will your charity harness the power and potential of AI?
4 September 2023
Generative AI presents an enormous opportunity to do more good with less. But what are the ethical considerations for charities? Emma Abbott and Clare Mills take a closer look.

Information and cyber security webinar
29 August 2023
Protecting your organisation from cyber security breaches is vital. Experts from Adapta Consulting shared their insights and best practice guidance with CFG's Arts Sector Special Interest Group in July and ...

Exploring the future role of charity Chairs
23 August 2023
Important research on the role of the future charity Chair and why its critical to the future of charities is underway. Read on to find out more and about how you ...

Revised guidance on investing charity money
2 August 2023
CFG's Head of Policy, Richard Sagar, takes a look at the Charity Commission's revised guidance on charity investments (CC14) and shares an update on the sector's work to develop complementary ...

Talking about... Charity reserves
11 July 2023
We're talking about... What are reserves? Does your charity need them and if so, how should they be managed? Three charity CEOs - Sarah Vibert, Jane Ide and Caron Bradshaw, ...

Part 2: Fraud - prevention is better than cure
5 June 2023
In our second and final part of Pesh Framjee's article on fraud prevention, Pesh explores lines of defence and appropriate controls, and shares a number of helpful fraud case studies.

Part 1: Fraud - prevention is better than cure
5 June 2023
CFG's Special Advisor Pesh Framjee provides practical advice on the issue of fraud. This two part series takes an in-depth look at what fraud is and isn't, the 'recipe for ...

Martyn’s law and public protection – what you need to know
31 May 2023
The Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, or Martyn's Law, is about to pass through Parliament. Dr Clare Mills takes a look at the legislation and sets out what you need ...

Environmental reporting for charities
31 May 2023
What are charities required to report and where is environmental reporting likely to go from here? Simon Hughes from Crowe UK takes a look at current reporting requirements and what ...

Meet our conference sponsors: HW Fisher on surviving and thriving in 2023
30 May 2023
What can charity finance leaders do to help their organisation survive and thrive? Carol Rudge from HW Fisher shares her insights and reveals why she's excited to be sponsoring CFG's ...

Do you have cyber-security sense?
30 May 2023
What does the latest Charity Commission guidance on internal financial controls say about cybercrime, cryptoassets and public collections? Natalie Barbosa from Anthony Collins takes a look at the latest guidance ...

Charities and insolvency: a briefing (updated March 2023)
5 April 2023
Special advisor to CFG, Pesh Framjee, answers all your questions on insolvency and good governance.

Charity law reform in Scotland: part 3
16 March 2023
In part 3 of their series on charity law changes in Scotland, Kenneth Pinkerton and Christine O'Neill KC from Brodies LLP, take a closer look at the issue of mergers.

Webinar: Getting in shape for 2023
6 March 2023
CFG partners Russell-Cooke share their recent webinar on legal and regulatory changes in the charity sector, from property to employment law through to the Charities Act 2022 and more.

How can trustees balance ethics and returns?
1 February 2023
How can trustees weigh the financial implications of an ethical policy with their charity’s values and purpose? James Flett from RBC Brewin Dolphin explores the issues.

Crowe and CFG annual round-up 2023
27 January 2023
On 12 January 2023, Crowe UK and Charity Finance Group ran an annual round-up event, highlighting key legal and regulatory changes and updates. This ever-popular event covered a wide range ...

Charity Law Reform in Scotland: part 2
21 January 2023
The Charities (Regulation and Administration) (Scotland) Bill could make significant changes to charity law in Scotland. In part 2 of its series on the Bill, the team at Brodies LLP ...

Charity Law Reform in Scotland: part 1
17 January 2023
The Charities (Regulation and Administration) (Scotland) Bill could make significant changes to charity law in Scotland. In part 1, the team at Brodies LLP sets out the background to the ...

Fifty years of VAT
9 January 2023
As the fiftieth anniversary of VAT draws near, Simon Buchan from BHP takes a look at the latest HMRC approach to determining what is a business activity - an approach ...

Preparing for a merged property portfolio
21 December 2022
If your charity is planning a merger, you may need to bring together and manage different property portfolios. Isabella Hendrie from Gerald Eve shares advice on where to start and ...

Remote working abroad: what are the risks for UK employers?
14 December 2022
Working remotely abroad can give rise to a variety of tax and legal issues. Tim Stovold and John Williams from Moore Kingston Smith take a look at what to bear ...

Managing board disputes and trustee disagreement
14 December 2022
What can you do if your board is in dispute or unable to manage a disagreement? Rob Oakley and Tzara Cheung from Bates Wells share some sage advice on conflict ...

Caron's comment: thinking about reserves
9 December 2022
What are reserves for and not for? How much is too much and too little? And do charities need to better communicate their reserves policies? CFG's CEO, Caron Bradshaw OBE, ...

Is your charity achieving optimal governance structure?
8 December 2022
What governance structure should your organisation aim for when working with an investment advisor? And what are the key considerations that lead to an optimal relationship? Brown Advisory share their ...

Writing an ethical investment policy
6 December 2022
A charity’s ethical investment policy forms an important part of the wider investment policy. But where to start when writing it? Isobel Fraser from Waverton Investment Management shares five top ...

From inputs to impacts: how to map your journey for better reporting
5 December 2022
Keen to shout about your organisation's activities and impact in your next Annual Report? Do you really know how? Pesh Framjee provides a handy guide to understanding and measuring your ...

Getting it right: holiday pay for part-year workers
2 December 2022
Does your organisation employ part-year workers? Are you paying them the correct holiday entitlement? Caroline Jones from BDO explains the impact of the recent Harpur Trust ruling v Brazel Supreme ...

Factsheet: Cash held as investment
23 November 2022
Is your charity holding cash back as an investment? If so, are you following recommended practice in your reporting? CFG's special advisor Pesh Framjee shares the guidance.

CFG Briefing: Autumn Statement 2022
17 November 2022
What does the Chancellor's Autumn Statement mean for you and your organisation? Richard Sagar, Head of Policy, CFG, takes an in-depth look.

Age is no barrier to being a charity trustee
10 November 2022
Becoming a new charity trustee can be daunting; there’s paperwork to be read, meetings to attend and legal obligations to grapple with. But it’s also hugely rewarding, especially when the ...

Getting to know you: Tim Nicholls
9 November 2022
Tim Nicholls from The Arts Society talks about his new role as a CFG trustee, his passion for volunteering (and football) and the importance of inspiring others in charity finance.

Keeping on top of National Minimum Wage
8 November 2022
What does your charity need to know when it comes to National Minimum Wage compliance? Caroline Jones from BDO shares some advice on what to consider and how to avoid ...

The Government's 'Growth Plan 2022': An analysis
23 September 2022
Richard Sagar, CFG's Head of Policy, takes a look at the new Chancellor's mini-budget statement and what it means for charities.

The cost of living crisis: what can your charity do?
20 September 2022
What can charities do to protect themselves at times of high inflation and soaring costs? Tracey Moore, Head of Charities and Not-For-Profit at UHY Hacker Young, provides an overview for ...

Developing a menopause policy for your charity
16 September 2022
Our charity is thinking about developing a menopause policy. Where should we start? Employment law expert Rebecca Pallot shares advice...

Charities Aid Foundation and ICAEW Report
15 September 2022
What's on the horizon for charity trustees in 2022 and beyond? Jane Marshall takes a look a new report from CAF and ICAEW.

Inflation risk, cash and investment reserves: Making your assets work for you
10 August 2022
How will steep price increases affect your charity and cash reserves? Vicky Eastwood, Charity Investment Manager at RBC Brewin Dolphin, considers the implications of rising inflation and whether now is ...

Bates Wells' Faith-based Organisations Update 2022
27 July 2022
Bates Wells' 2022 update for faith-based organisations contains insights from the team and guest contributors on current issues in social investment. Topics also span recent case law, recruitment and governance.

Landmark judgement allows charities to put purpose before profit
30 June 2022
Jeffrey Ball and Alice Farrer from RBC Brewin Dolphin explore the implications for trustees of the landmark Butler-Sloss judgement, with insights from Bates Wells.

Hallmarks of a successful merger process
27 May 2022
What can make or break a charity merger? Jonathan Orchard from Sayer Vincent shares some recent experiences of charity mergers and the lessons learned.

Back to basics: Charity incorporation
27 May 2022
What is charity incorporation? Why incorporate and how? CFG's corporate partner, Russell Cooke, shares all you need to know.

What does a recent High Court judgment mean for your investments?
19 May 2022
What does the Butler-Sloss v Charity Commission High Court judgment mean for trustees when making investment decisions? CFG's Head of Policy, Richard Sagar, sets out the principles.

Cash Held as Investment
5 May 2022
Factsheet on what can and should be shown as cash on the balance sheet and what can and should be shown as an investment.

What The Protect Duty means for you
26 April 2022
How does the Government's new Protect Duty affect charities and other non-profit organisations? Dr Clare Mills explains what it is and why it's time to develop a security mindset.

Finance Focus Mar/April 2022
4 April 2022
How can we connect with our purpose and empower our communities? This year's Annual Conference will explore those questions and more. Also in this edition, we take a look at ...

Spring Statement 2022: Not nearly enough for those on low incomes
24 March 2022
CFG's corporate partners and Richard Sagar, Head of Policy, take a closer look at the Chancellor's Spring Statement, considering what it means for charities and those they serve.

Financial disclosure reporting checklist: Charities SORP (FRS 102)
4 March 2022
Accounting and Reporting by Charities: Statement of Recommended Practice applicable to charities preparing their accounts in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland ...

The Charities Act 2022: what now?
1 March 2022
The Charities Act has now passed into law. What will implementation look like and what do charities need to think about now? Dr Clare Mills, Director, CFG, takes a look.

Finance Focus February 2022
28 February 2022
How can we shape tomorrow's world? In this edition, we take a look at the issue of leadership and how charity finance professionals can play a leading role in creating ...

Finance Focus November/December 2021
10 December 2021
This month, we take a look at CRM solutions, data and fundraising and employer branding. We also explore what organisations are doing to ensure employee wellbeing.

Finance Focus October 2021
29 October 2021
This month, we consider reputational risk and what it means to charity finance leaders, and we share some of the stories of organisational change from this year's Annual Conference. We ...

Finance Focus July 2021
29 July 2021
Inclusivity - why does it matter to finance professionals? We speak to charity leaders this month about equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI). We also meet a small member charity - Jodie ...

POLICY: Response to the BEIS consultation on restoring trust, July 2021
13 July 2021
Charity Finance Group's response to the government's white paper and consultation on 'Restoring Trust in Audit and Corporate Governance'.

Finance Focus May 2021
28 May 2021
Responsible investment is the focus of this month's edition. Our corporate partners share their advice and insights on how to invest responsibly and ethically. We also hear from Rachel Hewitt ...

Finance Focus April 2021
30 April 2021
Welcome to the April 2021 edition of Finance Focus. This month we take a look at mental health and wellbeing in the run up to Mental Health Awareness Week in ...

Finance Focus January 2021
29 January 2021
Welcome to the latest edition of Finance Focus! In this issue, we take a look at the subject of Risk and new ways to recognise and manage it. Plus, we ...

How to share your story through your annual report
26 January 2021
Find out how complying with the fundraising reporting requirements in Section 13 of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 can be a great way of telling your fundraising ...

And then the world turned upside down…
9 December 2020
With the publication of their new property research, property advice charity and CFG member the Ethical Property Foundation has never been in more demand. CEO Antonia Swinson reveals how the ...

Finance Focus November/December 2020
4 December 2020
Welcome to the latest edition of Finance Focus! In this issue, we ask charities and CFG's trustees about what they've learned in 2020 and what lays ahead. Topics also covered ...

Are you Brexit ready?
24 November 2020
With the unprecedented impact of Covid-19 still front of mind for all parts of civil society, it’s not surprising that Brexit has slipped onto the back-burner. But with the transition ...

Three-year Comprehensive Spending Review replaced
21 October 2020
CFG's Policy Manager, Richard Sagar, shares an update on the government's recent decision to hold a one-year Spending Review.

Welcome to IFR4NPO
7 October 2020
WATCH: Our welcome to the International Financial Reporting for Non Profit Organisations (IFR4NPO). This video introduces this new initiative which aims to develop internationally applicable financial reporting guidance for non-profit ...

Finally, international guidance is within reach
30 September 2020
Samantha Musoke ACA, IFR4NPO Project Director, Humentum

Finance Focus September
22 September 2020
Let's raise our voice to raise Gift Aid!

Finance Focus August
18 August 2020

Rethinking the future

Finance Focus July
17 July 2020
As Caron Bradshaw celebrates a decade at the helm, we ask what next for CFG?

Charity Commission guidance on Serious Incident Reporting during the coronavirus pandemic
4 June 2020
By Roberta Fusco, Director of Policy and Engagement at CFG  

Top ten tips for how to handle the year end in a pandemic
6 April 2020
Joanna Pittman, Partner at CFG corporate member Sayer Vincent gives her top ten tips for how to handle the year end in a pandemic.

Has the Charity Commission has taken the wrong tone in its election guidance
13 November 2019
The charities regulator in England and Wales recently wrote to its whole database to warn them of their duties when campaigning. David Ainsworth asks if the Commission struck the right ...

Why does the narrative around public 'trust' makes me feel so uncomfortable?
16 October 2019
By Caron Bradshaw, CEO of CFG

Five takeaways from August’s Inflation Report
9 August 2019
CFG’s Policy Manager Richard Sagar outlines his five key takeaways from the August Inflation Report and explores what they mean for the charity sector.

The lessons for Oxfam and the wider sector
7 August 2019
Karl Wilding, shortly to take over as chief executive of NCVO, reflects on the lessons of Oxfam, and talks about the importance of getting your safeguarding and governance right.

Finance Focus July 2019
15 July 2019
 Are your accounts transparent enough? Learn from the SORP governance review

CFG Annual Handbook 2019
19 June 2019
The aim of The Pink Book is to provide you and your wider colleagues, trustees and stakeholders with the resources, support and assistance to drive social change. Read it, pass ...

Seeing the wood for the trees
26 February 2019
A subject that it frequently on charities’ minds and in the public domain is transparency. Caron Bradshaw discusses how we should start re-evaluating measuring transparency in the sector and helping ...

What the recent SCOTUS judge controversy can teach us about the Charities’ SORP
15 January 2019
It's hard to get excited about the current review of the charities' SORP says Caron Bradshaw, but it's imperative we engage with the consultation. Like the recent controversial appointment of ...

Annual Report 2017-18: Empowering Your People
21 December 2018
Download a full PDF version of our 2017-18 Annual Report

Essential Charity Finance for Trustees Guide
28 March 2018
Charity Finance Group (CFG), sponsored by MHA MacIntyre Hudson, have launched a new guide for trustees on their financial responsibilities. The guide is aimed to be a primer for new ...

Trustee Survey Report
13 November 2017
MHA MacIntyre Hudson and Charity Finance Group (CFG) have launched a report on the effectiveness of trustees on financial governance. This report is based on a survey of over 120 ...

Annual Report 2016-17
31 March 2017
Download a full PDF version of our 2016-17 Annual Report 

Employment Status 2016
1 March 2016
Produced in partnership with Hempsons, this guide explains the fundamental principles behind employment status, the employment relationship, and the issues you should consider when dealing with employees. The guide is ...

Rethinking Risk: Beyond the tick box
1 March 2016
Published in partnership with Sayer Vincent, this guide for charities aims to help them to effectively manage project, operational and strategic risks. It contains practical steps to follow, case studies ...

Risk Guide - Major Incidents
3 March 2015
Risk Guide - Major Incidents

Risk Guide - Emerging Risks
3 March 2015
Risk Guide - Emerging Risks

Risk Guide - Reputation Risks
3 March 2015
Risk Guide - Reputation Risks

Risk management for charities
27 January 2015
Risk management for charities Getting started: supplementary guidance

Risk Management for Trustees - What lessons can we learn from Personal Finance?
19 September 2014
Advice on risk management for trustees.

More of the wood, less of the trees: a trustee-centred approach to Management Accounts
1 April 2013
CFG Adrian Randall Prize 2013 Hilary SeawardWinner of the inaugural CFG Adrian Randall Prize

World Vision UK - Board Policy - Risk Management
20 June 2012
This Policy sets out a framework for Risk Management as approved by the WVUK Board. The Policy seeks to reflect best practice for managing businesses as well as enabling the ...

Public Liability Defence Guide
31 January 2012
Defending yourself: What to do if a public liability claim is filed against your charity.

Public Liability Brochure
31 January 2012
Public liability brochure.

Public Liability Risk Management Guide
31 January 2012
Defending yourself: How charities like yours can reduce their public liability risk.

World Vision UK - Whistleblowing Policy
28 October 2011
World Vision UK's policy on Whistleblowing

World Vision UK - Policy Statement on Bribery
31 July 2011
World Vision UK's policy statement on bribery.

World Vision UK - Open Information Policy
28 July 2011
This policy ensures that all stakeholders and interested parties can request information from World Vision UK and will receive a response within 40 days.

Reducing Liability Risk
7 June 2011
Despite continued pressure on funding, our recent research has found that public liability remains the major area of concern for UK charities.

World Vision UK - Serious Incidents Employee Reporting Policy
1 April 2011
World Vision UK - Serious Incidents Employee Reporting Policy

World Vision UK - Serious Incidents Policy
1 April 2011
This Policy sets out how World Vision UK (WVUK) seeks to ensure compliance with the Serious Incidentreporting requirements of the Charity Commission (the Commission) which are set out on its ...

Hedge Funds
27 January 2011

Hedge funds.

Creating a Strategic Investment Policy
27 January 2011
Tips on how to create a strategic investment policy.

Internal Financial Control
1 October 2010
A comprehensive guide to the organisation’s internal financial controls, from policy statements to practical flow charts. Areas covered include petty cash, internal audit, financial reporting, receipt of incoming resources and ...

2010 Bribery Act - A briefing for NGOs
1 August 2010
Briefing for NGOs regarding the 2010 Bribery Act.

Duty of Care - Can Your Travel Company Help?
15 April 2010
Key Travel outline some of the issues around travel related risks.

Conflict of Interest Policy
25 March 2010
This policy has an introductory section of relevance to all staff, volunteers and management committee members which defines a conflict of interest, gives examples, and outlines procedures around disclosures.

Trustee Induction Pack
25 March 2010
An induction pack for trustees.

Autism West Midlands Whistleblowing policy
18 December 2009
Outlines the procedure recommended by AutismWM for whistleblowers should they suspect malpractice or criminal activity in their organisation.

Charity Incorporation Made Simple
1 December 2009
Charity Incorporation Made Simple

Financial Reserves Policy and Current Target Reserve Levels
4 November 2009
This document covers principles, structures and definitions, purposes of each fund, investment considerations and monitoring and reviewing the policy.

Cheque Signing and Authorisation
1 October 2009
This document begins with procedures and internal controls, including the responsibilities of trustees, employees placing orders for goods or services, employees authorising expenditure, cheque signatories and the finance manager.

Managing Risk - Keeping in control
30 September 2009
The eighth annual risk management survey, “Managing risk – keeping in control”.

Ethical Purchasing Policy
11 September 2009
Ethical purchasing policy from Oxfam.

Financial Regulations
6 July 2009
This document describes in detail the financial standing orders of the organisation that apply to all members of staff and council.

Risk Management Health Check
1 July 2009
A travel risk management checklist.

Investment Policy
18 June 2009
This document covers the objectives of the policy, implementation, ethical considerations, and ancillary aspects including portfolio management and structure, risk management, types of investment, restrictions, cash and short-term investment holdings ...

Travel & Subsistence Policy And Procedures
26 May 2009
Travel & Subsistence Policy And Procedures.

Charities and Insolvency
4 December 2008
Written for CFG members by Pesh Framjee, Head of the Not for Profit team at Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP and CFG Special Adviser, this is a detailed guide to Charities ...

Reserves - Made Simple Guide No. 2
1 February 2008
Reserves made simple guide.

Supplier Questionnaire
1 February 2008
Supplier questionnaire template.

Sustainable Procurement Policy
6 January 2008
Sustainable procurement policy template.

Risk Assessment - Made Simple Guide No. 1
1 January 2008
Risk assessment made simple.

Governance in NGOs
5 June 2006
An overview of the role of governance in non-profits and charities.

The Charity Treasurers Forum
7 February 2006
The Voluntary Sector has a number of bodies that bring key people together. They roll off the tongue CFDG, NCVO, ACVO Institute of Fundraising etc.

Crisis Management Business Continuity
2 January 2006
Crisis Management Business Continuity

Code of Governance
1 July 2005
The Code of Governance is primarily aimed at the trustees of voluntary and community organisations.

The Burden of Responsibility
24 March 2003
Directors and Trustees have very distinct duties and legal responsibilities. This document outlines the implications of holding each title and the requirements of the post holder.

Remuneration of Trustees
1 March 2003
Addresses the issue of paying trustees, and considers the circumstances in which it might be possible to do so.

Trustees’ Liability and Indemnity Insurance
1 December 2000
Trustees' Liability And Indemnity Insurance

Not Just for a Rainy Day
1 July 1997
This document examines charity reserves.

CFG announces new leadership appointments
4 April 2024
Media release: Charity Finance Group (CFG) is delighted to announce new appointments to its Board of Trustees. It is also pleased to announce changes to its executive team.

Spring budget fails to address critical issues
6 March 2024
We take a look at the government's spring budget announcements and what they'll mean for sector.

A year of purpose and empowerment
14 February 2024
Charity Finance Group publishes Trustees’ Annual Report for 2022/23.

Charities seek greater certainty ahead of Spring Budget
30 January 2024
The Civil Society Group and CFG set out four main asks of government ahead of the Chancellor's Spring Budget in March.

Scotland charities and 31 December filing deadlines
20 December 2023
The Scottish charity regulator, OSCR, issues advice on what to do if your charity is struggling to file accounts before the deadline.

CFG appoints two new Trustees
12 December 2023
CFG's Chair, Gary Forster, welcomes Anna Bennett and Tony Wells to the Board.

Sector experts join forces on charity investment governance
6 December 2023
CFG is proud to announce the launch of a new project which will develop principles for trustees and charity leaders.

CFG's trustee elections are underway!
4 July 2023
CFG seeks two new trustees to join its Board in autumn 2023.

We’ll soon be on the move!
18 May 2023
CFG is on the move! The team will be saying goodbye to White Lion Street in late 2023.

New investment guidance is on its way
19 April 2023
CFG's policy team takes a look at the road to new investment guidance and reflects on the progress made since the Butler-Sloss ruling and Charity Commission's consultation on responsible investment.

CFG responds to TPR's consultation on funding code of practice
29 March 2023
The Pensions Regulator's draft Defined Benefit funding code of practice won't work for charities, says CFG, and could have unintended negative consequences.

CFG's Trustee's Annual Report 2021/22
6 March 2023
We are delighted to share with you our Trustees' Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2021/22.

Help the Charity Commission develop digital reporting
1 March 2023
The Charity Commission for England and Wales is inviting charities, CIOs and unincorporated charities to complete its survey and explore the move towards digital reporting.

CFG welcomes two new trustees
8 November 2022
CFG's Chair Gary Forster welcomes Angela Linton from The National Foundation for Youth Music and Tim Nicholls from The Arts Society to the CFG Board.

Charities Act Implementation Plan
13 April 2022
Government explains how the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will implement the Charities Act 2022.

Spring Statement 2022: CFG reacts
23 March 2022
Caron Bradshaw responds to today's [23 March 2022] statement from Rishi Sunak MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

CFG appoints two new Trustees
12 February 2022
CFG's Chair Gary Forster welcomes Mwiza Mkandawire and Kelly Ryder.

The power of partnerships
31 January 2022
CFG publishes its Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2020/21 and reflects on the power of partnerships during a challenging year.

CFG Annual Conference gets off to a flying start
11 October 2021
Helen Stephenson, CEO of the Charity Commission, sets out the Commission's role as “guardians of legitimacy".  

CFG responds to first ever consultation on developing global financial reporting standards
12 August 2021
CFG urges members to get involved in Part Two of IFR4NPO's consultation on international reporting.

CFG responds to government consultation on restoring trust in audit and corporate governance
13 July 2021
Large charities back CFG’s call for proportionate reporting and auditing laws.

CFG joins with partners to produce Charities Bill briefing
7 July 2021
Charity Finance Group partners with sector to produce Charities Bill briefing paper for Peers.

CFG calls on Charity Commission to go further on responsible investment
20 May 2021
Read our response to the Charity Commission's Responsible Investment Guidance Consultation.

Caron Bradshaw appointed as a member of new SORP Committee
13 February 2020
Caron Bradshaw, CEO at Charity Finance Group has been appointed as a member of the new SORP Committee.

Civil society asks of the Spending Review 2019
3 September 2019
Charity Finance Group and sector bodies write to the Chancellor before the Spending Review.

BEIS Review of the Financial Reporting Council
19 June 2019
Initial Consultation on the Recommendations

The key to good governance - truly understanding the business
9 April 2018
Trustees need to make informed and appropriate strategic decisions for their charity and to do this, need to fully understand the business. Suzanne O’Brien, CXK, highlights the need for information ...

Does your charity follow serious incident reporting guidelines?
12 February 2018
Recent coverage about the activities of charities in terms of safeguarding and misspending of funds have brought into focus the regime for charities to report serious incidents to the Charity ...

Charity finance professionals need to be aware of new automatic disqualification rules
2 February 2018
From 1st August 2018, chief finance officers, finance directors, finance managers and other similar roles in charities may face automatic disqualification from serving in these positions if they have committed certain criminal ...

How big a threat is property to your charity?
24 January 2018
According to the last Ethical Property Foundation Charity Property Matters Survey 2016, 45% of respondents said that property was the biggest threat to their organisation. Property management has been ...

Money is not the issue when it comes to charging for Charity Commission
23 January 2018
The government should be congratulated on its decision to increase the Charity Commission’s funding by £5m per year (a 20% increase) over the near future, whilst it considers what it ...

How can charity investors perform better in a volatile market?
9 January 2018
Ahead of his session at our Investment Conference 2018, James Money-Kyrle looks at navigating the road in a volatile market.

A stairway to heaven on business rates for the charity sector?
1 December 2017
Now that it has been a week since the Chancellor submitted his Autumn Budget, CFG has been able to take a finer look at what the document says on business ...

Investing in financial governance is one of the most cost effective ways to help your charity
17 November 2017
As we come to the end of Trustees Week 2017, Charity Finance Group has had a busy week. Yesterday, one of our Member Meetings was focused on how to improve ...

Sarah Atkinson - Have your say on the annual return for charities
14 November 2017
Sarah Atkinson, Director of Policy and Communications at the Charity Commission explains why all charities should take part in their consultation on the Annual Return.  The Charity Commission is ...

New report raises concerns about complacency on financial governance
13 November 2017
A report from MHA MacIntyre Hudson and Charity Finance Group based on a survey of over 120 trustees has raised concerns about complacency on financial governance within charities. These concerns ...

Time to review your risks? An update from the experts...
3 October 2017
Ahead of their sessions at CFG's Risk & Sustainability Conference 2017, sector experts Kate Sayer and Rosie Chapman look at risks and reserves, how they are managed and what you ...

Where are the ‘automatic stabilisers’ for charities income?
26 September 2017
This blog post is prompted by the Association of Charitable Foundation’s (ACF) latest Giving Trends research, which is a must-read for everyone in the charity sector. The news is ...

6 simple steps your charity can take to help protect themselves from fundraising fraud
25 September 2017
Fundraising fraud is where a fraudster (who might be known) collects money on behalf of the charity but keeps some or all of the money and can be difficult for ...

Fraud and the 3 C's
25 September 2017
Throughout CFG’s Counter Fraud Campaign we have talked a lot about establishing controls, culture and communications, or the 3 C’s. It is important to also think about how these 3 ...

Three new Charity Finance Group trustees elected
13 September 2017
Charity Finance Group members have elected three new trustees to replace Diane Bassett, Kevin Barnes and Ian Theodoreson who have stood down after reaching their maximum six years on the ...

How can charities ensure they work towards gender equality in their organisation?
3 August 2017
CFG has previously reported on the introduction of gender pay regulations for organisations that have at least 250 employees as of the 5th April 2017. 

What can charities learn from the recent fraud cases?
27 July 2017
Unfortunately this week there have been two high profile cases of fraud being committed within a charity.

Record Management Toolkit Launch Roundup
20 June 2017
Last Thursday, CFG in partnership with  the British Academy Research Project ‘Digitising the Mixed Economy of Welfare in Britain’ based at UCL Institute of Education, launched the free Records Management in Charities: ...

What can charities learn from the international cyber attack?
16 May 2017
Following the widely reported cyber-attack over the weekend on the NHS, and over 300,000 computers in 150 countries, it is important to look at what charities can learn from this ...

NCVO Almanac points to fundamental shifts in the charity operating environment
9 May 2017
NCVO has just published summary data from its Almanac 2017 and as always, it is a fascinating read. The launch is tonight, so I’m looking forward to what the NCVO ...

Better partnerships needed between finance and fundraising teams
13 April 2017
Fundraising isn’t just about fundraisers. It is about the whole organisation. One of the lessons that the sector has had to learn is that good fundraising requires the whole organisation ...

We must not see a rush to charging charities for regulation – House of Lords report
27 March 2017
There has been a lot of coverage in the sector media of the voluminous House of Lords report on the future of the charity sector. It is well worth a ...

Responsible Record Keeping: what do voluntary organisations need to know?
31 January 2017
In this guest blog, Dr Charlotte Clements, Research Assistant on the British Academy project ‘Digitising the Mixed Economy of Welfare’, writes about the need for charities to have good archives ...

Trustee Week: Working to inspire good leadership
7 November 2016
The 7 - 11th November is Trustee Week for the charity sector. The theme of this year’s Trustee Week is stronger charities through good leadership. 

Charging charities for regulation isn’t inevitable but it is risky and inefficient
4 November 2016
The hookey-cokey of the Charity Commission consultation on charging charities for regulation continued on Wednesday, with the Chair of the Charity Commission once again saying that he viewed charging for ...

Let's talk about the F-word
28 October 2016
So what do we mean when we say the ‘F’ word? Are we talking about watching Gordon Ramsay shout at helpless cooks for an hour or two on the TV? ...

Devolution is our chance to advocate for the most vulnerable
2 September 2016
Kathy Evans, CEO of Children England highlights the important voice that the voluntary sector has and how they can use it to be a power of advocacy. 

How will the 'devolution revolution' be financed?
1 September 2016
At CFG, Locality, NAVCA and Children England's The Voluntary Sector and Devolution Summit we'll be looking at the key concerns about financing  local government under devolution deals. 

Caron asks: 'Why does the voluntary sector need a devolution summit?'
31 August 2016
Caron Bradshaw, CEO of Charity Finance Group, explains why CFG has worked with partners to organise the Devolution and the Voluntary Sector Summit and why she thinks it is important ...

Do charities need to become social enterprises to survive?
4 August 2016
Heather Black at Economic Change asks “Is charity becoming irrelevant?” - this will be the question posed at the Large Charities Conference taking place in September, hosted by Charity Finance ...

New report should prompt major re-evaluation of social investment
26 July 2016
Last week saw a report issued by Social Spider’s on social investment “The Forest for the Trees”. 

EU Referendum: Keep watching this space…
24 June 2016
The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and the Prime Minister has resigned. What does this mean for charities? The decision to leave the European Union will ...

CFG's SORP Survey
21 June 2016

Guest blog: Stamp duty increase reinforces case for charity investors to invest in stamp-exempt funds
15 June 2016
In this guest blog, James Thornton from Mayfair Capital explores a more hidden benefit for charity investors from the Budget back in March. 

Guest blog: SAVE Financial Planning
13 June 2016
This Guest blog is by Nick Dugdale, International Financial Planning & Analysis Manager at Compassion in World Farming, and treasurer at Attitude is Everything. Nick is undertaking a project looking ...

Guest blog: Insights into charity investment practices
10 June 2016
This guest blog is courtesy of Newton Investment Management. It provides an overview of some of the key findings from their recent survey of charity leaders, shedding light of charity ...

EU Referendum: What could this mean for charities?
6 June 2016
As the 23rd June appears closer and closer this Europe's Final Countdown song has never felt more relevant as the UK public decides whether they will be voting to remain ...

Another day, another opportunity for charities to engage in a consultation
24 May 2016
Just like buses, you wait around for one consultation from the Charity Commission and then you’re surprised by two turning up together.

ACF, CFG and NCVO raise concerns on draft guidance for funding non-charities
19 April 2016
Draft guidance from the Charity Commission, entitled 'Grant funding an organisation that isn't a charity' states that an organisation must not fund the 'core costs (or overheads) of a non-charity'. ...

Charities need to do the walk, not just the talk and invest in financial leadership
22 February 2016
Last week, ACCA and Responsible Finance, launched an insightful report into the finance function within non-for-profit organisations. The report isn’t too long, and I’d encourage every finance professional in the ...

Hunting for the silver lining; the IFS, the economy and charities.
12 February 2016
This week I attended the IFS’s Green Budget 2016 event, which provides an essential commentary on the economic issues facing the current government over the next Parliament. The report comes ...

Lessons to take away from Kids Company report
1 February 2016
The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) report on the failure of Kids Company has been released. The report has a number of lessons that the charity sector needs ...

New Charity Commission guidance on reserves
29 January 2016
By Kate Sayer, Partner, Sayer Vincent .

What did the Romans ever know about data protection?
19 January 2016
As usual, quite a lot. Caesar famously used his cipher device to protect important and sensitive military data among his generals. So what can we learn from the famous Roman?

Public divided on charging charities for charity regulation, new report finds
16 January 2016
Research by University of Kent for CFG finds public divided on whether charities should contribute to regulator. Broad support by both regular and non-regular donors for a well-resourced and independent ...

What Regulation, Who Pays? Public Opinion and Charity Regulation
13 January 2016
CFG has today published a new report, What Regulation, Who Pays? Public Opinion and Charity Regulation. The research was conducted by Dr Eddy Hogg from the Centre for Philanthropy at ...

Targeted giveaways risk creating a hierarchy of charities
28 August 2015
Successive budgets over the last and current parliament have introduced targeted giveaways to charities through both Libor fines and VAT rebates. These funds have gone to selected organisations including military ...

How much do we know about PbR?
19 June 2015
Today the National Audit Office (NAO) have published their report on the Government’s use of Payment by Results (PbR). I have drawn out some of the key points of relevance to charities. 

What’s the latest data on charity sector income and expenditure?
10 June 2015
The UK Civil Society Almanac 2015 is here and as ever provides a wealth of valuable data.

Why is transparency and reporting important for charities?
9 April 2015
Helena Wilkinson, Partner at Price Bailey   

A chance to restart the social investment conversation
31 March 2015
Last Friday saw the launch of the Alternative Social Investment Commission’s report. You can read the full report with its conclusions and recommendations here.

Caron’s comment: can profit and social change mix?
9 March 2015
I recently attended an interesting seminar on social ventures. The presenters argued that the legal construct of a venture should be irrelevant, and that it was the organisation’s ability to ...

Pressure on charity campaigning is not going to go away
27 February 2015
This week Weber Shandwick held a debate on the future of charity campaigning which saw a panel of eminent speakers* discuss the Lobbying Act and other issues in the run ...

Fog of uncertainty makes post-election planning difficult for charities
4 February 2015
Today the Institute for Fiscal Studies unveiled its Green Budget 2015.

Audits, thresholds and transparency
30 January 2015
Last week, the Cabinet Office consultation on the future of the audit threshold for charities concluded. 

Are you inspired to become a trustee?
14 November 2014
It has been another busy Trustees’ Week and we’ve been joining in the celebrations of the great work that trustees do and encouraging others to get involved and make a ...

The secret of trusteeship – aim high!
6 November 2014
I seem to have always been a trustee in some form or another for the majority of my adult life. I have learnt that being a great trustee requires almost ...

What happened to the red tape cull?
5 September 2014
Caron Bradshaw Once upon a time, an energetic new government was elected. It proclaimed a new age of a smaller state and a bigger society. A world in which civil ...

Trustees' Week- find out how you can get involved
27 August 2014
With the launch of #onemilliontrustees video competition; Trustees’ Week 2014 (taking place on 10-16 November), is firmly on our radar. 

Are charities losing their voice?
24 July 2014
The campaigning role of charities has stayed firmly in the public spotlight for the last twelve months and appears to be gaining traction as we head towards the General Election.

CFG is changing its objects to broaden its reach
8 July 2014
Back in May I mentioned in a previous post that CFG was in the process of amending our memorandum and articles of association and changing our objects in order to ...

Vision for sector post-2015. What did the politicians have to say at the CFG Annual Conferece?
19 May 2014
Following our overwhelmingly successful Annual Conference last Thursday, back at CFG-HQ we are now digesting the political nuggets that were debated in our closing plenary by the Minister for Civil ...

Managing in a Downturn Report Reflections....
11 April 2014
Yesterday saw the launch of the seventh ‘Managing in Downturn’ report – a survey series that we have run in partnership with the Institute of Fundraising and PwC since the ...

The Commission: A damsel in distress?
12 March 2014
 We’re not long into the new year, but already it is looking as though the increased (and sometimes hostile) scrutiny being applied to the charity sector is set to continue. ...

Diversifying your Board - the benefits for small charities
3 March 2014
Alex Swallow, Chief Executive of the Small Charities Coalition tells us...

Panorama - moral dilemmas for the charity sector
13 December 2013
It’s difficult to avoid noticing the fallout of Tuesday’s Panorama investigation into some of the UK’s leading charities

NAO report on Gift Aid: Evidence of a lack of evidence
21 November 2013
Today the first of three long awaited reports into charity regulation and tax reliefs was issued by the NAO. 

Accounting for different charity structures
15 November 2013
The legal and reporting framework anchors the values shared by charities, while still allowing flexibility where there is divergence in business model. The guidance for financial reporting in charities, or the ...

Celebrating the trustees who SERVE us!
6 November 2013
So, another successful trustees’ week is well underway! With a range of activities currently taking place and our imminent members’ meetings looking at specific issues related to trusteeship, I thought ...

Flipping the coin: What Government could do to increase demand for social investment in charities
10 September 2013
Last week we responded to the consultation on a tax relief for social investment last week - the Government’s latest initiative to increase the supply of investment.

Ian's insight: The world needs grown ups
2 September 2013
I am writing this article in mid-August – a week after the Wonga furore and in the midst of the charity salary ‘revelations’ – the silly season indeed! 

It takes two to tango with the social investment tax relief
10 July 2013
With social investment recently hailed by the prime minster as ‘a great force for social change on the planet’ you’d be forgiven for thinking there was rather more of it ...

FATCA: What charities need to know
10 May 2013
Eva Abeles and Melora Jezierska provide an update on the current status of FATCA legislation and its implications for the charity sector

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