The need for charities to diversify their income streams has never been greater, but finding new sources of funding can be a challenge.

In order for charities to be bold in their investment-related activities it’s vital that they build a culture of resilience in these tricky times. Use our resources to help you review and refresh your investment strategy. Our guides and events will help you to consider how your funding structure works, how it is affected by the size of your portfolio and how to involve trustees effectively in managing your investment portfolio.


We're 'Shaping Tomorrow' with HSBC Global Private Banking
17 June 2024
As this year's headline sponsors of CFG's Annual Conference on 27 June, Sophie Ward from HSBC Global Private Banking invites you to attend their conference session and explains why now ...

Spence Charity DB Pensions Report now out
20 March 2024
A new report by Spence indicates that high levels of scheme funding are expected to drive a renewed focus on end-game planning for DB schemes. Read on for the results ...

Capital gains tax changes and maximising your charity’s fundraising
12 October 2023
Charities can benefit from donations of shares and it can be advantageous to individual donors too. Paul Mathias from RBC Brewin Dolphin explains how recent tax changes can boost charitable ...

Revised guidance on investing charity money
2 August 2023
CFG's Head of Policy, Richard Sagar, takes a look at the Charity Commission's revised guidance on charity investments (CC14) and shares an update on the sector's work to develop complementary ...

How charity Keep Britain Tidy is clearing the path to net zero
17 July 2023
Ruth Jenkins, Finance Director at environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, talks about her transformative net zero work and shares the ‘easy wins’ she believes will go a long way to ...

Meet our conference sponsors: HSBC Global Private Banking
22 May 2023
Ahead of CFG's Annual Conference 2023, Sophie Ward, Head of Charities and Education at HSBC Global Private Banking, talks to Emma Abbott about the resilience of UK charities, how the ...

To divest or not to divest? That is the question...
10 May 2023
Is divestment always the right approach? Is there another, better way? Rathbones’ Andrew Pitt and Matt Crossman look at the issues and share a case study highlighting the power of ...

Is divestment the right approach for net zero?
14 March 2023
CFG continues to lead the debate on ethical investments and net zero. In this article, Patrick Trueman from James Hambro & Partners considers the issue of divestment and what difference ...

How can trustees balance ethics and returns?
1 February 2023
How can trustees weigh the financial implications of an ethical policy with their charity’s values and purpose? James Flett from RBC Brewin Dolphin explores the issues.

Investing in the energy transition
1 February 2023
How are investors viewing the transition to renewable energy? Conan McKenzie and Angus Dell from BlackRock take a look at the big picture and explain how BlackRock are playing a ...

Unsettled to start, with scattered showers, followed by sunny spells and easing winds
31 January 2023
What's the outlook for charities in 2023? William Reid of Quilter Cheviot looks at how markets closed in 2022 and what's in store for the year ahead, from investments and ...

Crowe and CFG annual round-up 2023
27 January 2023
On 12 January 2023, Crowe UK and Charity Finance Group ran an annual round-up event, highlighting key legal and regulatory changes and updates. This ever-popular event covered a wide range ...

Is your charity achieving optimal governance structure?
8 December 2022
What governance structure should your organisation aim for when working with an investment advisor? And what are the key considerations that lead to an optimal relationship? Brown Advisory share their ...

Writing an ethical investment policy
6 December 2022
A charity’s ethical investment policy forms an important part of the wider investment policy. But where to start when writing it? Isobel Fraser from Waverton Investment Management shares five top ...

Findings from the 2022 Newton Charity Investment Survey
25 November 2022
Rorie Evans explores the key findings from the 2022 Newton Charity Investment Survey, and what this means for the charity sector.

Factsheet: Cash held as investment
23 November 2022
Is your charity holding cash back as an investment? If so, are you following recommended practice in your reporting? CFG's special advisor Pesh Framjee shares the guidance.

Enhancing reputation through a charity’s investment portfolio…
3 November 2022
Charities once led the way in ethical investment. So, where are they now? PMCL's Ed Jewson shares his insights on putting ESG at the heart of investment portfolios.

Moving offices? Here's what you need to know...
20 October 2022
Planning to relocate your offices? Mia Brown from TSP shares what to consider to ensure a smoother process, and talks to Hannah McCarthy about DEC's recent office move.

How to invest in a world of high inflation
13 October 2022
How can charities respond to this year’s spike in inflation from an investment perspective? Patrick Trueman from James Hambro & Partners considers some of the implications and shares ways to ...

Charities and the path to net zero
7 October 2022
Climate change is no longer a fringe concern for charities. Richard Sagar, Head of Policy at Charity Finance Group, introduces a new guide that offers practical first steps on the ...

Endowments can help charities deal with soaring costs
20 September 2022
As costs rise sharply and investment income falls, how should trustees at endowment-based charities change their financial plans? John Redwood of Charles Stanley takes a look at the issues.  

Inflation risk, cash and investment reserves: Making your assets work for you
10 August 2022
How will steep price increases affect your charity and cash reserves? Vicky Eastwood, Charity Investment Manager at RBC Brewin Dolphin, considers the implications of rising inflation and whether now is ...

Bates Wells' Faith-based Organisations Update 2022
27 July 2022
Bates Wells' 2022 update for faith-based organisations contains insights from the team and guest contributors on current issues in social investment. Topics also span recent case law, recruitment and governance.

Case study: How Stewardship is generating kingdom impact
25 July 2022
What are the impacts of your investments? Janie Oliver, Chief Financial Officer at Stewardship, shares a framework for impact that puts your most important goal at the centre of investment.

Landmark judgement allows charities to put purpose before profit
30 June 2022
Jeffrey Ball and Alice Farrer from RBC Brewin Dolphin explore the implications for trustees of the landmark Butler-Sloss judgement, with insights from Bates Wells.

What does a recent High Court judgment mean for your investments?
19 May 2022
What does the Butler-Sloss v Charity Commission High Court judgment mean for trustees when making investment decisions? CFG's Head of Policy, Richard Sagar, sets out the principles.

Cash Held as Investment
5 May 2022
Factsheet on what can and should be shown as cash on the balance sheet and what can and should be shown as an investment.

Meet our Sponsors: HSBC Global Private Banking
4 May 2022
We speak to Sophie Ward, Head of Charities and Education at HSBC Global Private Banking, about the new purpose of wealth, how charities are viewing their investments in a post-Covid ...

Finance Focus Mar/April 2022
4 April 2022
How can we connect with our purpose and empower our communities? This year's Annual Conference will explore those questions and more. Also in this edition, we take a look at ...

Economic Outlook Briefing 2022/23
10 March 2022
Charity Finance Group and Pro Bono Economics provide an overview of the key economic issues and trends that may affect charities in the UK over the 2022/23 financial year. PDF ...

Finance Focus January 2022
28 January 2022
Welcome to the first edition of Finance Focus in 2022! This month, we welcome some new faces to CFG and dive into what the year ahead holds for policy and ...

Finance Focus October 2021
29 October 2021
This month, we consider reputational risk and what it means to charity finance leaders, and we share some of the stories of organisational change from this year's Annual Conference. We ...

INGO FX Insights Report 2021
13 July 2021
This survey is a groundbreaking, sector specific, foreign exchange report which reflects insights from more than 100 internationally operating UK-based charities. The report highlights the issues INGOs face in their ...

Finance Focus May 2021
28 May 2021
Responsible investment is the focus of this month's edition. Our corporate partners share their advice and insights on how to invest responsibly and ethically. We also hear from Rachel Hewitt ...

CFG Briefing: Budget 2021
3 March 2021
CFG's member briefing on the Chancellor's Budget Statement, 3 March 2021.

Finance Focus September
22 September 2020
Let's raise our voice to raise Gift Aid!

Risk in an uncertain world
13 February 2020
Nick Murphy, Head of Charities, Partner, Smith & Williamson Investment Management LLP

New research: Charity ‘hopes and fears’ for 2020 and beyond
30 January 2020
By Brewin Dolphin’s Head of Charities, Ruth Murphy

Why the Masonic Charitable Foundation became the first charity to sponsor a CAIF
16 October 2019
Charles Angus, Finance Director for Masonic Charitable Foundations, explains why the Masonic Charitable Foundation became the first charity in the UK to sponsor its own charitable authorised investment fund, or ...

Writing your charity's investment policy
23 September 2019

Trustee tips for responsible investing
18 July 2019
Responsible investment can be a great opportunity to align your investments with your charity. But how do you marry up the vast range of investment possibilities with your charity’s financial ...

Creating a Strategic Investment Policy
27 January 2011
Tips on how to create a strategic investment policy.

How to Approach Investment in a Challenging Market Environment
29 November 2010
The aim of this paper is ensure that charity trustees understand how they need toadhere to the investment measures under by the Trustee Act 2000 and relatedguidance from the Charity ...

Financial Reserves Policy and Current Target Reserve Levels
4 November 2009
This document covers principles, structures and definitions, purposes of each fund, investment considerations and monitoring and reviewing the policy.

Investment Policy
18 June 2009
This document covers the objectives of the policy, implementation, ethical considerations, and ancillary aspects including portfolio management and structure, risk management, types of investment, restrictions, cash and short-term investment holdings ...

Sector experts join forces on charity investment governance
6 December 2023
CFG is proud to announce the launch of a new project which will develop principles for trustees and charity leaders.

New investment guidance is on its way
19 April 2023
CFG's policy team takes a look at the road to new investment guidance and reflects on the progress made since the Butler-Sloss ruling and Charity Commission's consultation on responsible investment.

CFG launches Net Zero Guide
7 October 2022
CFG helps set path to reduced emissions.

Not long now!
22 June 2022
CFG's Annual Conference Week is just days away! Dr Clare Mills, Director of Policy and Communications, shares her excitement about what's coming up.

Investment training gets off to a flying start
25 May 2022
CFG's investment training programme has got off to a flying start in 2022. Find out more about these in-person and online courses.  

HSBC Private Banking leads the way for CFG's Annual Conference 2021
21 July 2021
CFG are delighted to announce that HSBC Private Banking, ORACLE NetSuite, Sarasin & Partners and SmartSimple are this year's Annual Conference sponsors.  

CFG calls on Charity Commission to go further on responsible investment
20 May 2021
Read our response to the Charity Commission's Responsible Investment Guidance Consultation.

10 questions to ask before borrowing
10 December 2018
By Phil Caroe, Chief Operating Officer at Allia Impact Finance Whether your charity is looking at borrowing for the first time or you’ve taken out loans before, here are 10 ...

How can charity investors perform better in a volatile market?
9 January 2018
Ahead of his session at our Investment Conference 2018, James Money-Kyrle looks at navigating the road in a volatile market.

The wash-up from Investment Conference 2017
7 December 2017
In January, CFG held its Investment Conference 2017. Instead of a ‘conference’ style format, delegates were seated at round tables hosted by CFG’s corporate partners. The aim of this new ...

Using social investment to become financially sustainable
1 December 2017
Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness' Director of Social Finance and Social, Mark Salway, discusses Social Investment as a way forward to create a sustainable future for charities. 

New report should prompt major re-evaluation of social investment
26 July 2016
Last week saw a report issued by Social Spider’s on social investment “The Forest for the Trees”. 

Guest blog: Insights into charity investment practices
10 June 2016
This guest blog is courtesy of Newton Investment Management. It provides an overview of some of the key findings from their recent survey of charity leaders, shedding light of charity ...

How is local government using social investment?
29 February 2016
Geetha Rabindrakumar, Head of Social Sector Engagement, Big Society Capital talks about how local authorities are using innovative new social investment methods to tackle long term problems in the midst ...

A chance to restart the social investment conversation
31 March 2015
Last Friday saw the launch of the Alternative Social Investment Commission’s report. You can read the full report with its conclusions and recommendations here.

It takes two to tango with the social investment tax relief
10 July 2013
With social investment recently hailed by the prime minster as ‘a great force for social change on the planet’ you’d be forgiven for thinking there was rather more of it ...

For over 10 years, Barclays has provided specialist corporate banking support to not-for-profit and international development organisations, government bodies and registered charities.

BlackRock Investment Management UK Ltd
Our dedicated team aims to give every charity the support they need to flourish in any environment. BlackRock has over 30 years of experience managing charity assets and helping clients ...

Brown Advisory
Brown Advisory is a global, independent investment management firm with a long-term commitment to charities and sustainable investing. We support over 400 charities, personally through board, committee, volunteer work and ...

CAF Bank
We understand the priorities and challenges that charities face, and the need for confidence and security, when it comes to managing money.

Cazenove Charities
Cazenove Charities is a dedicated investment and advice team within the wealth management arm of Schroders, a FTSE-100 listed company. More than 1,650 charities, universities, foundations, endowments and other non-profit ...

CCLA exists to deliver specialist investment management to charities and not-for-profits.

Charles Stanley
Charles Stanley is one of the UK’s leading wealth managers. Providing a bespoke discretionary investment management service, creating financial security for our many charity clients. Our approach is to develop ...

Co-operative Bank
Ethical banking since 1872. We share your values, supporting charities with lending, deposits and transactional banking from a bank that understands not-for-profit organisations. Proud to be the UK's best-rated high-street ...

Proudly providing banking services to over 35,000 charities from the very largest to the smallest local community organisations.

ISIO Private Capital
We have a strong track record of providing investment advice to charities of various sizes. Central to our strategy design process is ensuring that your sustainability targets and focus areas ...

James Hambro & Partners
James Hambro & Partners provides investment management and financial advice to UK and international charities. We’re owned by our executive partners and staff, so have the independence to focus on ...

Lloyds Bank PLC
We’re a leading provider of banking services to UK charities. Our team of specialists understand the issues our clients face and the challenges posed by a shifting political, economic and ...

Newton Investment Management
Our sole business is investment management, and we aim to deliver long-term performance for our clients.

Octopus Investments Ltd
Octopus is a private markets investor and partners with charitable organisations to provide them with access to investment opportunities that deliver positive impact and support them to meet their income ...

PMCL Consulting
PMCL Consulting is an investment consultancy business with a dedicated focus on charities. We bring an institutional approach to investments supported by a rigorous analytical framework and specific needs of ...

Quilter Cheviot
We believe investing has the power to help shape your charity’s future for the better. That’s why at Quilter Cheviot we’re here to help you build your future so you ...

Rathbones Investment Management
Rathbones welcomes charities of all shapes and sizes

RBC Brewin Dolphin
Our charity specialists, located across the UK, are dedicated to charity investment management. Our service is designed to provide the investment returns sought by your investment strategy, and to enable ...

Our dedicated and experienced Relationship Directors understand the unique needs of the charity & not-for-profit sectors.

Sarasin & Partners
An experienced charity investment manager with a commitment to stewardship.

Unity Trust Bank PLC
As an award-winning ethical bank, our savings deposits and lending help organisations to grow and make a positive difference to their communities. We work with organisations that deliver social impact, ...

Waverton Investment Management
Waverton is an award-winning discretionary investment management firm providing portfolios that are directly invested, actively managed and truly global. Our dedicated charities team understands the demanding and accountable environment in ...