Crisis management

From anticipation to strategy and action, our resources explore how your organisation can maximise your crisis management strategies and mitigate disruption from unpredictable and harmful events.


Resilience of charity income
16 May 2024
In this second part of his series on resilience, Robin Aitken takes a look at what to do when the going gets tough and the income streams dry up.

Talking about... Charity reserves
11 July 2023
We're talking about... What are reserves? Does your charity need them and if so, how should they be managed? Three charity CEOs - Sarah Vibert, Jane Ide and Caron Bradshaw, ...

Martyn’s law and public protection – what you need to know
31 May 2023
The Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, or Martyn's Law, is about to pass through Parliament. Dr Clare Mills takes a look at the legislation and sets out what you need ...

To boldly go, into a charity merger
12 May 2023
Ben Clarkson, Chief Operating Officer at Asthma + Lung UK, explains what it takes to lead a successful merger of two charities and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Charities and insolvency: a briefing (updated March 2023)
5 April 2023
Special advisor to CFG, Pesh Framjee, answers all your questions on insolvency and good governance.

Charities’ resilience will be tested this year
1 February 2023
Facing a troubled social and economic landscape once again, Nazreen Visram from Barclays explores what charities need to do to keep delivering for their beneficiaries.

Getting off to a great start
19 January 2023
Ongoing uncertainties and challenges can make us worry about the future. But with the right support, networks and advice, 2023 can get off to a great start, writes Emma Abbott.

Government unveils new Energy Bills Discount Scheme for UK charities and business
10 January 2023
The government has unveiled how it will support charities and other non-domestic customers with the cost of their energy bills. CFG's Richard Sagar takes a look at the new scheme ...

Collaboration: where there is a need, is there the will?
20 December 2022
Collaboration might be a solution to stretched services and resources, but working more closely with another organisation can be daunting. Ian Hempson and Helen Hirst from Hempsons share advice on ...

Managing board disputes and trustee disagreement
14 December 2022
What can you do if your board is in dispute or unable to manage a disagreement? Rob Oakley and Tzara Cheung from Bates Wells share some sage advice on conflict ...

CFG Briefing: Autumn Statement 2022
17 November 2022
What does the Chancellor's Autumn Statement mean for you and your organisation? Richard Sagar, Head of Policy, CFG, takes an in-depth look.

Six steps to developing a business continuity plan
12 October 2022
Don't get caught out by disasters. Make sure you minimise impact with these six simple steps to developing a business continuity plan from Access Insurance.

Government announces energy relief scheme for charities
21 September 2022
The Government has announced its energy relief support package for charities, businesses, and public sector organisations. CFG takes at look at the details.

The cost of living crisis: what can your charity do?
20 September 2022
What can charities do to protect themselves at times of high inflation and soaring costs? Tracey Moore, Head of Charities and Not-For-Profit at UHY Hacker Young, provides an overview for ...

Finance Focus June 2022
24 June 2022
In the June edition of Finance Focus, we take a look at the issues around the cost of living and rising inflation, and share some advice on what charities and ...

Charities and inflation: insights from CFG's inflation event
14 June 2022
More than 100 members and partners attended a special CFG event on inflation in May. CFG's expert speaker panel presented the latest inflation figures and forecasts, and highlighted the many ...

Managing in a crisis: a guide
1 June 2022
What's the best way to prepare for and manage a crisis? Philip Kirkpatrick, Deputy Managing Partner at Bates Wells, shares some quick pointers and a handy checklist.

Wellbeing, workplaces and Maslow
9 May 2022
How are work and wellbeing connected? And what do our organisational values and Maslow's hierarchy of needs have to do with creating great places to work? CFG's Dr Clare Mills ...

What The Protect Duty means for you
26 April 2022
How does the Government's new Protect Duty affect charities and other non-profit organisations? Dr Clare Mills explains what it is and why it's time to develop a security mindset.

Through the looking glass: two years on from lockdown
23 March 2022
Two years on from the UK's first lockdown, Caron Bradshaw OBE reflects on some lasting lessons on leadership and life.

Finance Focus January 2022
28 January 2022
Welcome to the first edition of Finance Focus in 2022! This month, we welcome some new faces to CFG and dive into what the year ahead holds for policy and ...

Looking after our people
13 December 2021
After nearly two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, employee health and wellbeing has become a critical issue for all organisations. CFG's CEO, Caron Bradshaw OBE, explains how CFG is working ...

Finance Focus November/December 2021
10 December 2021
This month, we take a look at CRM solutions, data and fundraising and employer branding. We also explore what organisations are doing to ensure employee wellbeing.

Finance Focus October 2021
29 October 2021
This month, we consider reputational risk and what it means to charity finance leaders, and we share some of the stories of organisational change from this year's Annual Conference. We ...

Finance Focus September 2021
29 September 2021
This month, we look at some of the issues charities are tackling post-pandemic, including flexible working and what's to become of the office. Also in this edition, interviews with National Children's ...

Finance Focus July 2021
29 July 2021
Inclusivity - why does it matter to finance professionals? We speak to charity leaders this month about equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI). We also meet a small member charity - Jodie ...

An enlightening experience
7 July 2021
Pascale Nicholls, Director of Finance and Governance at Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, shares a preview of her Annual Conference presentation, explaining how finance sits at the heart of ...

Facing organisational endings
1 July 2021
Charity consultant Iona Lawrence takes a look at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and explains why organisational endings can and should be good.

Finance Focus June 2021
30 June 2021
'Leading the Way: Effective, Inclusive and Resilient' is the theme of this year's CFG Annual Conference. Dive inside to find out all about it - who's speaking, who's sponsoring, and ...

Finance Focus May 2021
28 May 2021
Responsible investment is the focus of this month's edition. Our corporate partners share their advice and insights on how to invest responsibly and ethically. We also hear from Rachel Hewitt ...

Rainy days and reserves
11 May 2021
Caron Bradshaw OBE shares her thoughts on the issues around charity reserves in light of the Covid pandemic and recent investigations by the Charity Commission.

Finance Focus April 2021
30 April 2021
Welcome to the April 2021 edition of Finance Focus. This month we take a look at mental health and wellbeing in the run up to Mental Health Awareness Week in ...

Finance Focus March 2021
30 March 2021
Welcome to the March 2021 edition of Finance Focus! In this edition, we take a look at how the use of digital technology in the sector has evolved in the ...

CFG Briefing: Budget 2021
3 March 2021
CFG's member briefing on the Chancellor's Budget Statement, 3 March 2021.

Finance Focus February 2021
26 February 2021
Welcome to the latest edition of Finance Focus! In this issue, we explore the art of reinvention with the help of a pop superstar. And Simon Hopkins from Blind Veterans ...

Finance Focus January 2021
29 January 2021
Welcome to the latest edition of Finance Focus! In this issue, we take a look at the subject of Risk and new ways to recognise and manage it. Plus, we ...

And then the world turned upside down…
9 December 2020
With the publication of their new property research, property advice charity and CFG member the Ethical Property Foundation has never been in more demand. CEO Antonia Swinson reveals how the ...

Collaboration is hard but a goal worth shooting for!
8 December 2020
As a difficult year draws to a close, CFG's CEO Caron Bradshaw reflects on the #NeverMoreNeeded team's efforts to get the right results...

Finance Focus November/December 2020
4 December 2020
Welcome to the latest edition of Finance Focus! In this issue, we ask charities and CFG's trustees about what they've learned in 2020 and what lays ahead. Topics also covered ...

The balance between giving and receiving: why CFG is (temporarily) closing in mid-December
3 December 2020
This year, Charity Finance Group has taken the difficult decision to close from mid-December. CFG's CEO Caron Bradshaw explains why.

What does the Spending Review mean for charities?
26 November 2020
CFG's policy team takes a look at the government's latest Spending Review as announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak on 25 November 2020.

Gone with the wind
16 November 2020
Caron Bradshaw shares the valuable lessons learned from failing to prop up a much-loved, ancient apple tree while it was still bearing fruit.

This is an emergency! CFG asks civil society to #MobiliseNotMothball and get behind its urgent message to government
10 November 2020
Thousands of charities and social enterprises are now in serious financial difficulty, but there is hope, says Caron Bradshaw, CEO of Charity Finance Group: Join CFG’s campaign and call for ...

The boy who cried wolf
29 October 2020
Caron Bradshaw, CFG's CEO, challenges the notion that charities are overstating the financial crises they now face.

Finance Focus October 2020
23 October 2020
Welcome to the October 2020 edition of Finance Focus. Issues covered inside: Mental health; fraud; audits; training; Brexit and much more!

Three-year Comprehensive Spending Review replaced
21 October 2020
CFG's Policy Manager, Richard Sagar, shares an update on the government's recent decision to hold a one-year Spending Review.

When is a furlough not a furlough?
13 October 2020
CFG's Policy Manager Richard Sagar takes a look at the government's new Job Support Scheme and what the new Tiers system could mean for charities.

Finance Focus September
22 September 2020
Let's raise our voice to raise Gift Aid!

Finance Focus August
18 August 2020

Rethinking the future

Planning for the future in light of Covid-19
3 August 2020

Summer Economic Update
8 July 2020
Richard Sagar, Policy Manager, sets out a briefing on today's Economic Update by the Chancellor aided by commentary from our corporate partner experts. Together, they examine how the announcements might ...

Updated Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Guidance
22 June 2020
Richard Sagar, Policy Manager at CFG gives an update on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

The sky is falling in
19 June 2020
Caron Bradshaw reflects on what the most recent research on the financial impact of Covid-19 on charities is telling us and concludes that far from crying wolf, the wolf is ...

Finance Focus June
18 June 2020
Covid19 and lockdown: What happened next?

Charity Commission guidance on Serious Incident Reporting during the coronavirus pandemic
4 June 2020
By Roberta Fusco, Director of Policy and Engagement at CFG  

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme update
4 June 2020
By Richard Sagar, Policy Manager, Charity Finance Group. On 29 May, at the daily press briefing, the Chancellor announced that the government’s five tests for easing lockdown measures had been ...

From red to green, but what does it mean for us?
12 May 2020
Following the Government's announcement at the weekend about the subtle relaxing of lockdown measures and the Chancellor's announcement earlier today on the extension of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme until ...

Changes needed for Covid-19 support measures – and some successes
7 May 2020
By Richard Sagar, Policy Manager at CFG

A brave new world
7 May 2020
By Roberta Fusco, Director of Policy and Engagement at CFG

Coronavirus, loan finance and the charity sector
6 May 2020
Richard Sagar, Policy Manager at Charity Finance Group

Restarting the economy amidst coronavirus
6 May 2020
Charles Nall, Finance Director, Motability and former trustee and chair of Charity Finance Group

What does the chancellor’s announcement mean for charities?
15 April 2020
By Richard Sagar, Policy Manager at CFG

Chancellor must act now on cost of living crisis
10 March 2023
CFG joins with 29 other charities to urge the Chancellor to provide greater support and funding to struggling communities.

Charities face cliff edge, warns Civil Society Group
25 November 2022
Civil Society Group, including NCVO and CFG, warns government that without longer term help on energy bills, communities will suffer.

The power of partnerships
31 January 2022
CFG publishes its Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2020/21 and reflects on the power of partnerships during a challenging year.

What the Autumn Budget means for you
27 October 2021
Richard Sagar, Acting Head of Policy at CFG, sifts through the Autumn Budget and Spending Review documents and explains what it means for charities.

Now is the time to work with civil society
5 October 2021
Civil society coalition submits levelling up recommendations to the Chancellor ahead of Autumn Spending Review and Budget.

HSBC Private Banking leads the way for CFG's Annual Conference 2021
21 July 2021
CFG are delighted to announce that HSBC Private Banking, ORACLE NetSuite, Sarasin & Partners and SmartSimple are this year's Annual Conference sponsors.  

RESEARCH: No bounce back for charity fundraising events in 2021
17 June 2021
As the economy springs back to life, more than 50% of charities say they are pessimistic about events, with smaller charities being hit hardest.

Public Accounts Committee Report on COVID-19 Government Support for Charities
9 June 2021
We welcome the publication of the Commons Public Accounts Committee report of their inquiry into the government’s support for charities during COVID-19, we were pleased to submit evidence alongside other ...

#NeverMoreNeeded coalition reacts to Budget 2021
4 March 2021
"This government has today made the deliberate choice not to listen to the collective voices of over 1000 civil society organisations..."

Caron Bradshaw OBE reacts to Budget 2021 announcement
3 March 2021
“The Chancellor has failed to repair the safety net used by millions of citizens every day…”

POLICY UPDATE: Tax after Coronavirus
2 March 2021
CFG's Policy Manager, Richard Sagar, provides an update on the Treasury committee's latest report on tax which warns that 'tax reform is needed to address unsustainable public finances'.

Press Release: Civil society calls for government action #RightNow
17 February 2021
Charities and their supporters are calling on the government #RightNow to create an Emergency Support Fund for communities and good causes.

Winter fundraising chill heralds more charity cuts
4 February 2021
CFG's new joint research shows that winter income drop is likely to amount to at least £200million.

Charity sector calls for emergency support package
18 January 2021
#NeverMoreNeeded leaders set out urgent support measures ahead of March Budget.

CFG reiterates call for fit-for-purpose CJRS
18 January 2021
Charity Finance Group submits March 2021 Budget representation.

Media release: Charity sector innovation boom set to last beyond pandemic
6 January 2021
Charities expect to continue their rapid shift towards digital working and collaboration in 2021, building on the innovation they have displayed in response to the Covid-19 crisis even as the ...

We will keep “raising the alarm”
10 December 2020
Chancellor’s reply to civil society’s call for a fit-for-purpose job scheme falls short.

Tessy Ojo CBE kicks off CFG's Annual Conference 2020
7 December 2020
Tessy Ojo CBE shares the three principles she believes will help the charity sector create a better future.

CFG gives small charities a boost with launch of new bursary scheme
26 November 2020
We're excited to announce the launch of our Small Charities Membership Bursary for small charities impacted by Covid-19. If you're a small charity, read on!

PRESS RELEASE: Economists sound warning over 'charity crunch'
23 November 2020
Seventy-five per cent of charities expect higher demand in 2021, while 83% forecast income decline. The results of the latest PBE Covid Charity Tracker Survey reveal a troubling gap between ...

Charity and business leaders call on Chancellor to take urgent action to support sector
18 November 2020
#MobiliseNotMothball campaign launches with urgent message to government from more than 100 leaders private and non-profit organisations.

Civil society urges Chancellor to urgently make job scheme fit for purpose
5 November 2020
A coalition of civil society leaders has written to Rishi Sunak to urge him to develop a Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) fit for purpose for social change organisations.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme extended into the spring
5 November 2020
CFG's Policy Manager Richard Sagar takes a look at today's government announcement that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will be extended.

Press release: Charities fear Christmas cash crisis
23 October 2020
The latest data from the social sector lays bare the stark need for more government support for charitable organisations. The results from our latest Covid Charity Tracker Report show charities ...

Chancellor announces significant changes to jobs support scheme
22 October 2020
Following pressure from a number of organisations, including CFG, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has today announced important changes to the government’s job support schemes. Policy Manager Richard Sagar explains what's changed.

CFG responds to news of charity sector redundancies
14 October 2020
Roberta Fusco, Director of Policy and Communications, comments on news of further redundancies in the charity sector.

PRESS RELEASE: Gloomy winter ahead for charity sector
25 September 2020
Lockdown worries for 55% of charities as 2020 takes its toll Download the full results

'Tax after coronavirus’ – joint charity sector response
9 September 2020
Joint response to the Call for Evidence by the Charity Tax Group, Charity Finance Group, National Council for Voluntary Organisations and Chartered Institute of Fundraising.

Collapse in charity provision looms at moment of greatest need
19 August 2020
58% of charities to cut back services as coronavirus set to cost sector 60,000 jobs Download full report

Charities call for boost to Gift Aid amid pandemic fundraising shortfall
25 June 2020
A coalition of leading voices in UK charities has called on the Government to temporarily increase the level of Gift Aid that can be claimed on donations.

Charities are facing a £12.4bn shortfall in income for the year due to impact of coronavirus
18 June 2020
The Chartered Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and Charity Finance Group (CFG) say today that charities are facing a huge predicted loss to their income as they continue to grapple with ...

Coronavirus and your charity
30 April 2020
This page is no longer being updated please visit for up to date content What can you do to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus? A practical guide for charity ...

Share your story #NeverMoreNeeded
23 April 2020
Launching today a new campaign to celebrate the vital work of the charity sector.

What you can do for your sector
1 April 2020
  Beneficiaries and communities need you to act. We need your urgent help to make #EveryDayCounts go viral. Help us with campaigning and providing the evidence to help Government understand ...

Coronavirus impact survey results
30 March 2020
Charities reported that they expect a 42% increase in demand for their services but a 48% decline in voluntary income, according to new research published today.

CFG Events and Coronavirus Updated
25 March 2020
We appreciate the concern around business continuity and the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, and like many of our members, we have been reviewing our internal processes. ...