Economy and policy


The road to hell or hope?
5 July 2024
Reflecting on the results of the 2024 General Election, CFG's Caron Bradshaw OBE, shares her thoughts on making change happen in the current political landscape.

Cracks in the system: Is welfare still working?
2 April 2024
CFG and others have called for an 'Essentials Guarantee' to be introduced. What is it, why is it needed and what difference could it make to charities and the people ...

CFG briefing: spring budget analysis 2024
6 March 2024
CFG takes a look at the Chancellor's spring budget announcements and analyses what they mean for the charity sector.

Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill and internal controls
5 March 2024
New laws to prevent fraud have now come into effect. Helena Wilkinson from Price Bailey looks at what they mean for charities and shares an overview of updated Charity Commission ...

Looking ahead with fresh perspective
19 December 2023
After another challenging year for the charity sector, CFG's CEO, Caron Bradshaw OBE, shares some personal reflections on looking ahead with renewed hope and fresh perspectives.

CFG Briefing: Autumn Statement 2023
22 November 2023
What does the Chancellor's Autumn Statement mean for you and your organisation? Richard Sagar, Head of Policy, CFG, takes an in-depth look.

Rethinking the future
26 September 2023
CFG's CEO, Caron Bradshaw OBE, shares her thoughts on the future of the economy and the sustainability of infrastructure bodies following the closure of Children England.

Government unveils new Energy Bills Discount Scheme for UK charities and business
10 January 2023
The government has unveiled how it will support charities and other non-domestic customers with the cost of their energy bills. CFG's Richard Sagar takes a look at the new scheme ...

The charity safety net is fraying fast
21 December 2022
New research shows that charities and community groups are now facing a very difficult winter and some very hard choices. Pro Bono Economics and Nottingham Business School share the results ...

Cutting to growth: reflections on the Autumn Statement
22 November 2022
Against the backdrop of the Autumn Statement, Caron Bradshaw OBE, Chief Executive, CFG, challenges the view that the government must cut its way to growth and prosperity.

CFG Briefing: Autumn Statement 2022
17 November 2022
What does the Chancellor's Autumn Statement mean for you and your organisation? Richard Sagar, Head of Policy, CFG, takes an in-depth look.

Energy Bills Relief Scheme – capturing the needs of charitable organisations
14 October 2022
The government needs your input now! Don't miss this opportunity to feed back your organisation's needs and experiences of energy costs, usage and more...

How to invest in a world of high inflation
13 October 2022
How can charities respond to this year’s spike in inflation from an investment perspective? Patrick Trueman from James Hambro & Partners considers some of the implications and shares ways to ...

Don’t miss your chance to have your say on dormant assets
6 October 2022
Following CFG's response to the government's consultation on dormant assets, Clare Mills urges others to respond as the deadline looms.

The Government's 'Growth Plan 2022': An analysis
23 September 2022
Richard Sagar, CFG's Head of Policy, takes a look at the new Chancellor's mini-budget statement and what it means for charities.

Government announces energy relief scheme for charities
21 September 2022
The Government has announced its energy relief support package for charities, businesses, and public sector organisations. CFG takes at look at the details.

Waking up more dormant assets
3 August 2022
The government has launched a consultation to gather views on the broad social or environmental purposes of the English portion of dormant assets funding. Dr Clare Mills invites CFG members ...

Finance Focus June 2022
24 June 2022
In the June edition of Finance Focus, we take a look at the issues around the cost of living and rising inflation, and share some advice on what charities and ...

Charities and inflation: insights from CFG's inflation event
14 June 2022
More than 100 members and partners attended a special CFG event on inflation in May. CFG's expert speaker panel presented the latest inflation figures and forecasts, and highlighted the many ...

Levelling Up and charities: The good, the bad and the unknown
7 February 2022
The beginning of February has seen a flurry of announcements of direct relevance to the charity sector. Richard Sagar, CFG's Head of Policy, takes a look at the policy details.

In pursuit of partnership
18 October 2021
Civil society stands ready to build a brighter future in partnership with the new Minister for Civil Society, says Caron Bradshaw, CEO, CFG.

What does the Queen’s speech mean for charities?
12 May 2021
A raft of new policies were announced in the Queen's Speech on 11 May. CFG's Policy Manager, Richard Sagar, sifts through the small print to find out what's in store ...

UK Aid cuts will have devastating impact on smaller charities
30 April 2021
The Small International Development Charities Network (SIDCN) urgently needs your help to gather data on the impact of UK Aid cuts.

Tax Day: What could it mean for charities?
24 March 2021
CFG's Policy Manager Richard Sagar takes a look at what the government's 'Tax Day' on 23 March could mean for the charity sector.

Why government needs to listen #RightNow
11 February 2021
As part of the #RightNow campaign on Wednesday 17 February, Caron Bradshaw OBE sets out why it's folly to ignore a potential sector breakdown.

Brexit and beyond: Civil society must keep pushing on what matters
21 January 2021
Brexit is over, the deal is done. Whether we like it or not, we must keep looking ahead. As the UK carves out a new role on the world stage, ...

What does the Spending Review mean for charities?
26 November 2020
CFG's policy team takes a look at the government's latest Spending Review as announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak on 25 November 2020.

Are you Brexit ready?
24 November 2020
With the unprecedented impact of Covid-19 still front of mind for all parts of civil society, it’s not surprising that Brexit has slipped onto the back-burner. But with the transition ...

The boy who cried wolf
29 October 2020
Caron Bradshaw, CFG's CEO, challenges the notion that charities are overstating the financial crises they now face.

Three-year Comprehensive Spending Review replaced
21 October 2020
CFG's Policy Manager, Richard Sagar, shares an update on the government's recent decision to hold a one-year Spending Review.

When is a furlough not a furlough?
13 October 2020
CFG's Policy Manager Richard Sagar takes a look at the government's new Job Support Scheme and what the new Tiers system could mean for charities.

General Election 2024: CFG statement
5 July 2024
CFG welcomes the new Labour Government and points to the challenges ahead.

Spring budget fails to address critical issues
6 March 2024
We take a look at the government's spring budget announcements and what they'll mean for sector.

A year of purpose and empowerment
14 February 2024
Charity Finance Group publishes Trustees’ Annual Report for 2022/23.

Charities seek greater certainty ahead of Spring Budget
30 January 2024
The Civil Society Group and CFG set out four main asks of government ahead of the Chancellor's Spring Budget in March.

CFG publishes sector’s ‘asks’ ahead of Autumn Statement
13 October 2023
As part of the Civil Society Group, CFG is urging the Chancellor to support the charitable sector and the vulnerable people and communities it exists to serve.

CFG responds to TPR's consultation on funding code of practice
29 March 2023
The Pensions Regulator's draft Defined Benefit funding code of practice won't work for charities, says CFG, and could have unintended negative consequences.

The Chancellor provides much-needed cash
15 March 2023
CFG reacts to today's spring budget announcements and urges government to engage constructively with the sector to develop real, lasting solutions to economic crisis.

Chancellor must act now on cost of living crisis
10 March 2023
CFG joins with 29 other charities to urge the Chancellor to provide greater support and funding to struggling communities.

Forgotten funds unlocked for community causes
8 March 2023
CFG has welcomed the government announcement on the expanded Dormant Assets Scheme.

CFG reaction: Autumn Statement 2022
17 November 2022
Caron Bradshaw OBE, CEO, Charity Finance Group, shares her initial reactions to the Chancellor's Autumn Statement on 17 November 2022.

CFG reacts to new Chancellor's fiscal plan
17 October 2022
'...anxiety and financial strain will undoubtedly increase demand for support from charities.' CFG responds to the new Chancellor's fiscal plan.

September's mini-budget: Good, bad, ugly
23 September 2022
CFG comments on the new government's mini-budget statement delivered by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

CFG statement: Liz Truss must work with sector to deliver bold plan
5 September 2022
CFG shares its reaction to the announcement that Liz Truss is to become the UK's next prime minister.

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