Charities continue to be challenged by a wide range of risks that can affect all areas of their organisation. As we have learnt through recent events affecting well-known charities, it’s more important than ever that risk management is embraced by all operations of a charity, not just the internal financial team. Add to that the number of codes and standards on risk that charities need to work to, and it’s clear that managing risk should be at the top of the agenda.

Our guides and resources help you to embed a strong foundation of risk management throughout your whole organisation. Explore this section for advice on identifying risks (both internal and external), defining your organisational appetite for risk, tools you can use for measuring and monitoring, and how to manage a crisis and report when something does go wrong.


Borrowing by charities – an overview
10 July 2024
Is your charity thinking about debt financing for large expenditures? Elizabeth Jones from Farrer & Co discusses the pros and cons of borrowing.

We're 'Shaping Tomorrow' with HSBC Global Private Banking
17 June 2024
As this year's headline sponsors of CFG's Annual Conference on 27 June, Sophie Ward from HSBC Global Private Banking invites you to attend their conference session and explains why now ...

Strategic litigation: how charities are leading the way and driving impact
31 May 2024
What is strategic litigation and how can charities use it to drive impact? Leticia Jennings and Katy Sawyer from Bates Wells take a look at the opportunities, risks and issues.

Resilience of charity income
16 May 2024
In this second part of his series on resilience, Robin Aitken takes a look at what to do when the going gets tough and the income streams dry up.

De-banking: can charities prevent bank account closures?
9 April 2024
How has being ‘de-banked’ grown to be such a major risk for charities? What can charity financial professionals do to safeguard their organisations from it? And is there hope on ...

Pension funding changes – do you know how they will affect you?
8 April 2024
New regulations impacting DB pension schemes will come into force later in the year. Ed Symes FIA, from Lane Clark & Peacock LLP, explains the changes and what charities can ...

AI: how can charities respond to the hype?
14 March 2024
As AI technologies evolve and employees experiment, organisations should look to set out their AI strategy. Sarah Belsham from RSM UK explains how.

Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill and internal controls
5 March 2024
New laws to prevent fraud have now come into effect. Helena Wilkinson from Price Bailey looks at what they mean for charities and shares an overview of updated Charity Commission ...

New guidance on accepting, refusing and returning donations to your charity
5 March 2024
Not sure whether to accept, refuse or return a donation? CFG takes a look at the Charity Commission's new guidance which sets out the latest legal rules for trustees.

Risk and resilience in 2024
17 January 2024
What lays ahead in 2024? Sam Burne James speaks to charity sector leaders for their predictions, insights and advice on how to reduce risk, remain resilient and prepare for the ...

Gift Aid: avoiding common pitfalls
5 October 2023
Claiming Gift Aid doesn't have to be a headache. Louise Veragoo from Haysmacintyre looks the common pitfalls and opportunities for getting the most out of your charity’s Gift Aid claim. ...

Information and cyber security webinar
29 August 2023
Protecting your organisation from cyber security breaches is vital. Experts from Adapta Consulting shared their insights and best practice guidance with CFG's Arts Sector Special Interest Group in July and ...

How charity Keep Britain Tidy is clearing the path to net zero
17 July 2023
Ruth Jenkins, Finance Director at environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, talks about her transformative net zero work and shares the ‘easy wins’ she believes will go a long way to ...

Talking about... Charity reserves
11 July 2023
We're talking about... What are reserves? Does your charity need them and if so, how should they be managed? Three charity CEOs - Sarah Vibert, Jane Ide and Caron Bradshaw, ...

Meet our conference sponsors: PIB Insurance
14 June 2023
Ahead of CFG's Annual Conference, Stewart Archdale from conference sponsors PIB Insurance Brokers talks about surviving and thriving in a world of continual change.

Part 2: Fraud - prevention is better than cure
5 June 2023
In our second and final part of Pesh Framjee's article on fraud prevention, Pesh explores lines of defence and appropriate controls, and shares a number of helpful fraud case studies.

Part 1: Fraud - prevention is better than cure
5 June 2023
CFG's Special Advisor Pesh Framjee provides practical advice on the issue of fraud. This two part series takes an in-depth look at what fraud is and isn't, the 'recipe for ...

Martyn’s law and public protection – what you need to know
31 May 2023
The Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, or Martyn's Law, is about to pass through Parliament. Dr Clare Mills takes a look at the legislation and sets out what you need ...

Do you have cyber-security sense?
30 May 2023
What does the latest Charity Commission guidance on internal financial controls say about cybercrime, cryptoassets and public collections? Natalie Barbosa from Anthony Collins takes a look at the latest guidance ...

Meet our conference sponsors: HSBC Global Private Banking
22 May 2023
Ahead of CFG's Annual Conference 2023, Sophie Ward, Head of Charities and Education at HSBC Global Private Banking, talks to Emma Abbott about the resilience of UK charities, how the ...

To boldly go, into a charity merger
12 May 2023
Ben Clarkson, Chief Operating Officer at Asthma + Lung UK, explains what it takes to lead a successful merger of two charities and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Webinar: Getting in shape for 2023
6 March 2023
CFG partners Russell-Cooke share their recent webinar on legal and regulatory changes in the charity sector, from property to employment law through to the Charities Act 2022 and more.

Effective and modern reserves management
23 February 2023
How are Scottish charities managing reserves? And what are the lessons for other UK charities? We take a deep-dive into this hot topic, with learnings from a recent Scottish Grantmakers ...

Act now to plug digital capability gaps
2 February 2023
John Fitzgerald, digital evolution manager for the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), has some top tips for charities to enhance their cyber security capabilities.

Crowe and CFG annual round-up 2023
27 January 2023
On 12 January 2023, Crowe UK and Charity Finance Group ran an annual round-up event, highlighting key legal and regulatory changes and updates. This ever-popular event covered a wide range ...

Managing board disputes and trustee disagreement
14 December 2022
What can you do if your board is in dispute or unable to manage a disagreement? Rob Oakley and Tzara Cheung from Bates Wells share some sage advice on conflict ...

Is internal fraud increasing? Insights from BDO's Charity Fraud Report 2022
13 December 2022
The risk of fraud from within is a growing concern for charities, with the cost of living crisis and economic downturn becoming catalysts for fraudulent behaviour. BDO and Fraud Advisory ...

Caron's comment: thinking about reserves
9 December 2022
What are reserves for and not for? How much is too much and too little? And do charities need to better communicate their reserves policies? CFG's CEO, Caron Bradshaw OBE, ...

Six steps to developing a business continuity plan
12 October 2022
Don't get caught out by disasters. Make sure you minimise impact with these six simple steps to developing a business continuity plan from Access Insurance.

Endowments can help charities deal with soaring costs
20 September 2022
As costs rise sharply and investment income falls, how should trustees at endowment-based charities change their financial plans? John Redwood of Charles Stanley takes a look at the issues.  

Inflation risk, cash and investment reserves: Making your assets work for you
10 August 2022
How will steep price increases affect your charity and cash reserves? Vicky Eastwood, Charity Investment Manager at RBC Brewin Dolphin, considers the implications of rising inflation and whether now is ...

Long Covid – is it a disability and how should employers be managing it?
29 July 2022
A recent employment tribunal highlights that employers should be mindful when managing employees with long Covid, as Natasha Letchford, Associate, Wilsons Solicitors LLP, explains...

Bates Wells' Faith-based Organisations Update 2022
27 July 2022
Bates Wells' 2022 update for faith-based organisations contains insights from the team and guest contributors on current issues in social investment. Topics also span recent case law, recruitment and governance.

Finance Focus June 2022
24 June 2022
In the June edition of Finance Focus, we take a look at the issues around the cost of living and rising inflation, and share some advice on what charities and ...

Managing in a crisis: a guide
1 June 2022
What's the best way to prepare for and manage a crisis? Philip Kirkpatrick, Deputy Managing Partner at Bates Wells, shares some quick pointers and a handy checklist.

Insolvency in financial institutions
20 May 2022
What happens if your charity's bank or building society fails? Dr Clare Mills shares an update on the work CFG is doing with the Bank of England to identify the ...

Wellbeing, workplaces and Maslow
9 May 2022
How are work and wellbeing connected? And what do our organisational values and Maslow's hierarchy of needs have to do with creating great places to work? CFG's Dr Clare Mills ...

What The Protect Duty means for you
26 April 2022
How does the Government's new Protect Duty affect charities and other non-profit organisations? Dr Clare Mills explains what it is and why it's time to develop a security mindset.

Finance Focus Mar/April 2022
4 April 2022
How can we connect with our purpose and empower our communities? This year's Annual Conference will explore those questions and more. Also in this edition, we take a look at ...

Economic Outlook Briefing 2022/23
10 March 2022
Charity Finance Group and Pro Bono Economics provide an overview of the key economic issues and trends that may affect charities in the UK over the 2022/23 financial year. PDF ...

Gender equality? There's more work to be done!
7 March 2022
On this year's International Women's Day, Caron Bradshaw OBE considers how far we've come and how far we still need to go to ensure gender equality in the workplace.

Finance Focus February 2022
28 February 2022
How can we shape tomorrow's world? In this edition, we take a look at the issue of leadership and how charity finance professionals can play a leading role in creating ...

Finance Focus January 2022
28 January 2022
Welcome to the first edition of Finance Focus in 2022! This month, we welcome some new faces to CFG and dive into what the year ahead holds for policy and ...

The changing face of risk: What does it mean for your charity?
21 January 2022
Governance and Risk Consultant, Sam Coutinho, looks at the issue of risk and what small charities can do to manage their risk in 2022 and beyond.

Triumph and disaster: A framework for risk?
19 January 2022
Ahead of CFG's annual Risk Conference, Caron Bradshaw shares her latest thinking on different approaches to risk, inspired by a well-known poet.

Finance Focus October 2021
29 October 2021
This month, we consider reputational risk and what it means to charity finance leaders, and we share some of the stories of organisational change from this year's Annual Conference. We ...

HMRC issues guidance on avoiding cyber and phone scams
21 September 2021
Online scams increase two-fold during Covid.

Don’t let contracts catch you out
1 September 2021
Is your charity managing its contracts and licensing agreements in an effective way? How can you do it better? Carol Rudge, Partner & Head of Not for Profit at HW ...

INGO FX Insights Report 2021
13 July 2021
This survey is a groundbreaking, sector specific, foreign exchange report which reflects insights from more than 100 internationally operating UK-based charities. The report highlights the issues INGOs face in their ...

Rainy days and reserves
11 May 2021
Caron Bradshaw OBE shares her thoughts on the issues around charity reserves in light of the Covid pandemic and recent investigations by the Charity Commission.

Finance Focus February 2021
26 February 2021
Welcome to the latest edition of Finance Focus! In this issue, we explore the art of reinvention with the help of a pop superstar. And Simon Hopkins from Blind Veterans ...

Finance Focus January 2021
29 January 2021
Welcome to the latest edition of Finance Focus! In this issue, we take a look at the subject of Risk and new ways to recognise and manage it. Plus, we ...

Brexit and beyond: Civil society must keep pushing on what matters
21 January 2021
Brexit is over, the deal is done. Whether we like it or not, we must keep looking ahead. As the UK carves out a new role on the world stage, ...

New approaches to risk with the Nuffield Foundation
13 January 2021
In advance of CFG's Risk Conference 2021, Ian Hanham, Director of Finance and Information Systems at the Nuffield Foundation, shares how a new approach and assurance map can increase confidence ...

Finance Focus November/December 2020
4 December 2020
Welcome to the latest edition of Finance Focus! In this issue, we ask charities and CFG's trustees about what they've learned in 2020 and what lays ahead. Topics also covered ...

Bespoke interventions for the sector are never more needed
24 September 2020
CFG's Policy Manager, Richard Sagar, outlines what the government's Winter Economic Plan means for charities.

Finance Focus September
22 September 2020
Let's raise our voice to raise Gift Aid!

Finance Focus August
18 August 2020

Rethinking the future

#EveryDayCounts – The Florence Nightingale Museum
26 March 2020
Director David Green tells us about serious disruption from the Coronavirus pandemic in their bicentennial year, and how the museum is trying to cope with the challenges.

Leading in a crisis: Mark Goldring's lessons from personal experience
24 March 2020
Mark Goldring shares lessons learned for charity leaders (and maybe others) striving in the world of COVID.

Are you looking after yourself during the crisis?
23 March 2020
Our everyday lives are being disrupted in so many ways, and your emotional wellbeing is really important.

Why safeguarding is vital for finance leaders
16 October 2019
If you work in the voluntary sector, the chances are you’ll have spotted that safeguarding has suddenly been rocketed up the list of concerns for charity leaders. As NCVO launch ...

Managing Risk: a perspective from a CEO
15 October 2019
In advance of his presentation at CFG's Risk Conference on 10 December, Mark Goldring, former CEO at Oxfam GB, asks how you can mitigate the unknown risks, as well as ...

Five takeaways from August’s Inflation Report
9 August 2019
CFG’s Policy Manager Richard Sagar outlines his five key takeaways from the August Inflation Report and explores what they mean for the charity sector.

The lessons for Oxfam and the wider sector
7 August 2019
Karl Wilding, shortly to take over as chief executive of NCVO, reflects on the lessons of Oxfam, and talks about the importance of getting your safeguarding and governance right.

Risk governance for charities
23 August 2018
Risk management structures and accountabilities

Rethinking Risk: Beyond the tick box
1 March 2016
Published in partnership with Sayer Vincent, this guide for charities aims to help them to effectively manage project, operational and strategic risks. It contains practical steps to follow, case studies ...

Risk Guide - Cyber Risk
3 March 2015

Risk Guide - Cyber Risk

Risk Guide - Reputation Risks
3 March 2015
Risk Guide - Reputation Risks

Risk management for charities
27 January 2015
Risk management for charities Getting started: supplementary guidance

Risk Management for Trustees - What lessons can we learn from Personal Finance?
19 September 2014
Advice on risk management for trustees.

World Vision UK - Board Policy - Risk Management
20 June 2012
This Policy sets out a framework for Risk Management as approved by the WVUK Board. The Policy seeks to reflect best practice for managing businesses as well as enabling the ...

Reducing Liability Risk
7 June 2011
Despite continued pressure on funding, our recent research has found that public liability remains the major area of concern for UK charities.

Managing Risk - Keeping in control
30 September 2009
The eighth annual risk management survey, “Managing risk – keeping in control”.

Risk Management Health Check
1 July 2009
A travel risk management checklist.

Risk Assessment - Made Simple Guide No. 1
1 January 2008
Risk assessment made simple.

CFG launches Net Zero Guide
7 October 2022
CFG helps set path to reduced emissions.

Russia-Ukraine: some initial thoughts for charities
24 February 2022
Clare Mills, CFG's Director of Policy and Communications, shares her initial thoughts on the escalating Russia-Ukraine situation and the potential impact the crisis could have on the sector.

HSBC Private Banking leads the way for CFG's Annual Conference 2021
21 July 2021
CFG are delighted to announce that HSBC Private Banking, ORACLE NetSuite, Sarasin & Partners and SmartSimple are this year's Annual Conference sponsors.  

RESEARCH: No bounce back for charity fundraising events in 2021
17 June 2021
As the economy springs back to life, more than 50% of charities say they are pessimistic about events, with smaller charities being hit hardest.

Charity Risk - The Perils of Inertia
10 December 2018
Guest blogger Neil Franklin ACII, Managing Director UK Charity Insurance stresses the importance of a tailored approach towards charity insurance.

Large Charities Focus
23 August 2018
Rajit Gholap shares what he is expecting to take away from CFG’s Large Charities Conference 2018, and the rationale for the choice of programme this year.

De-risking innovation to build a sustainable future
12 October 2017
In a traditionally risk-averse sector, we can adopt agile working practices and a portfolio approach to innovation to mitigate against perceived failure. But the biggest risk is allowing too much ...

Time to review your risks? An update from the experts...
3 October 2017
Ahead of their sessions at CFG's Risk & Sustainability Conference 2017, sector experts Kate Sayer and Rosie Chapman look at risks and reserves, how they are managed and what you ...

Access Insurance
Access Insurance is a specialist charity insurance broker acting for over 16,000 charities and not-for-profits across the UK. We offer independent advice and a bespoke policy that meets your specific ...

Adapta Consulting
As leading independent IS consultants we provide NFPs with tailored advice and guidance to develop the key areas to achieving strategic and operational effectiveness - Processes; through business development. People; ...

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins Solicitors is a specialist law firm with a clear purpose – to improve lives, communities and society. We are nationally recognised as delivering accessible and pragmatic legal advice ...

We understand what sets charitable organisations apart – creating social value, not profit. BDO's national charity team has a comprehensive knowledge of charity finance, which is why many of the ...

Co-operative Bank
Ethical banking since 1872. We share your values, supporting charities with lending, deposits and transactional banking from a bank that understands not-for-profit organisations. Proud to be the UK's best-rated high-street ...

Downing LLP
Downing is a responsible investment manager founded in London in 1986. Our vision is to be a leader in our chosen markets, so that we can deliver attractive returns for ...

Ecclesiastical Insurance
Ecclesiastical has been helping and protecting not-for-profit organisations for 125 years. The fact we’re owned by a charity and give a large proportion to our profit to charity only adds ...

The UK charity sector loses approximately £1.65 Billion per year to fraud – according to the Centre for Fraud Studies at Portsmouth University and BDO. Our mission is to help ...

haysmacintyre is an award winning firm of chartered accountants and tax advisors, with 35 partners and over 300 staff. Our award winning charities and not for profit team is one ...

Nutbourne LTD
Nutbourne is an MSP which provides a wide range of IT support services. We founded as a company to solve problems and help people and our guiding principle is to ...

PIB Insurance Brokers
PIB Insurance Brokers specialise in providing forward thinking insurance and risk management solutions to charities. We act for a significant number of not-for-profit organisations throughout the UK. We seek to ...

RBC Brewin Dolphin
Our charity specialists, located across the UK, are dedicated to charity investment management. Our service is designed to provide the investment returns sought by your investment strategy, and to enable ...

Scrutton Bland
Scrutton Bland’s charity team have been working in the Charity Sector for over 20 years offering specialist tailored insurance and risk management advice. We understand the challenges faced by the ...

WRS Insurance Brokers Limited
Are you looking for help and support with your charities risk issues? If so let Chris Chapman and his team come and listen to you and understand your needs.