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Attracting talent and creating a strong employer brand in large charities

In advance of the CFG Large Charities event on 18 March, Leadership Coach and Business Mentor Nicki Deeson interviews Guy Hayward, CEO of Goodman Masson.

What links the three webinar topics of employee experience, employer brand, and bringing in the best talent?

The world of work has has the importance of how organisations source talent and create a brand as an employer known for looking after their people.

Candidates have choice and they want to work for organisations where they are looked after and where their careers are managed. This is the starting point of the creation of your employer brand as an organisation known for looking after their people.

How you then take this brand to market across all the job families allows the creation of your pipeline of talent and move away from the traditional methods of recruitment of using job boards and agencies.


What fascinates you most about this area?

I love how we are helping organisations change for the better by modernising their approach to recruitment. How they find and pipeline talent, the creation and evolution of their employer brand and guidance in how to modernise their workplace.

How we help place Diversity and Inclusion at the centre of talent attraction strategies is essential in today’s world. From ensuring our approach avoids unconscious bias to our techniques reaching the widest and most diverse talent pools. As a modern progressive workplace this approach is a must.


As a manager in a large charity, what will I get out of coming to this event?

All the above done well reduces the cost of recruitment, increases the quality of person joining your team, offers you choice of candidates when hiring, improves staff retention levels for the ‘right’ people, allows you more time to do the jobs that you love to do, enables succession planning and brings your brand as an employer to life.


With thanks to Nicki and Guy for this interview.

Join us for this interactive meeting where we’ll be taking a fresh look at how your recruitment is working, employer brand and what approaches can help you access talent. This meeting will provide a space for you to share learning and ideas with peers and speakers. This event is designed for FDs with an HR remit, charity leaders and HR professionals.

Open to CFG members from large charity organisations above £25m. Join us on Thursday 18 March and book your free place now

This large charities meeting is in partnership with Goodman Masson

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