New to the charity sector? You’ve come to the right place!

A new group to support finance directors new to the charity sector is being launched. Zoe Bennett, Senior Membership and Insight Manager, at CFG explains more.


Supporting finance directors who have recently joined the charity sector is the aim of a new CFG discussion group, launching soon!

We are delighted to be working with CFG member Jon King who is Head of Finance and Corporate Resources at Social Care Institute for Excellence. The new group will provide a space for finance professionals to share knowledge and resources and connect with their peers.

Jon explains: “I joined SCIE in August, having spent almost 18 years working in a variety of finance roles at the University of Kent. During my tenure at Kent, I was very lucky to have a large support network which included being chair of a finance SIG, where my group could tackle strategic financial issues and share best practice etc. The SIG met every six to eight weeks or so and we tackled issues as a collective; we became a tight-knit group, providing invaluable support and helping each other to resolve complex queries.

“Whilst I am a treasurer to a small local charity, I am brand new to working in the charity sector. I am keen to hear from and work with similar colleagues, who are possibly new to finance roles within the charity sector and to build a support network where we can share issues and best practice.

“Being new to this sector, it’s very important to me to feel supported, to be able to bounce ideas off colleagues who have perhaps experienced similar issues and in turn, to provide advice and support where I can.

“If there is a like-minded attitude to forming such a support network, I would very much welcome being part of this and I look forward to meeting future members of the network very shortly.”

To find out more or join the group, please email the Membership Team.

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