Charities continue to be challenged by a wide range of risks that can affect all areas of their organisation. As we have learnt through recent events affecting well-known charities, it’s more important than ever that risk management is embraced by all operations of a charity, not just the internal financial team. Add to that the number of codes and standards on risk that charities need to work to, and it’s clear that managing risk should be at the top of the agenda.

Our guides and resources help you to embed a strong foundation of risk management throughout your whole organisation. Explore this section for advice on identifying risks (both internal and external), defining your organisational appetite for risk, tools you can use for measuring and monitoring, and how to manage a crisis and report when something does go wrong.


Risk governance for charities
23 August 2018
Risk management structures and accountabilities

Rethinking Risk: Beyond the tick box
1 March 2016
Published in partnership with Sayer Vincent, this guide for charities aims to help them to effectively manage project, operational and strategic risks. It contains practical steps to follow, case studies ...

Risk Guide - Reputation Risks
3 March 2015
Risk Guide - Reputation Risks

Risk Guide - Cyber Risk
3 March 2015

Risk Guide - Cyber Risk

Risk management for charities
27 January 2015
Risk management for charities Getting started: supplementary guidance

Risk Management for Trustees - What lessons can we learn from Personal Finance?
19 September 2014
Advice on risk management for trustees.

World Vision UK - Board Policy - Risk Management
20 June 2012
This Policy sets out a framework for Risk Management as approved by the WVUK Board. The Policy seeks to reflect best practice for managing businesses as well as enabling the ...

Reducing Liability Risk
7 June 2011
Despite continued pressure on funding, our recent research has found that public liability remains the major area of concern for UK charities.

Managing Risk - Keeping in control
30 September 2009
The eighth annual risk management survey, “Managing risk – keeping in control”.

Risk Management Health Check
1 July 2009
A travel risk management checklist.

Risk Assessment - Made Simple Guide No. 1
1 January 2008
Risk assessment made simple.

Charity Risk - The Perils of Inertia
10 December 2018
Guest blogger Neil Franklin ACII, Managing Director UK Charity Insurance stresses the importance of a tailored approach towards charity insurance.

Large Charities Focus
23 August 2018
Rajit Gholap shares what he is expecting to take away from CFG’s Large Charities Conference 2018, and the rationale for the choice of programme this year.

De-risking innovation to build a sustainable future
12 October 2017
In a traditionally risk-averse sector, we can adopt agile working practices and a portfolio approach to innovation to mitigate against perceived failure. But the biggest risk is allowing too much ...

Time to review your risks? An update from the experts...
3 October 2017
Ahead of their sessions at CFG's Risk & Sustainability Conference 2017, sector experts Kate Sayer and Rosie Chapman look at risks and reserves, how they are managed and what you ...

Adapta Consulting
At Adapta Consulting, we help you meet the challenges of change: processes, people and technology. We work exclusively with not-for-profit organisations, where our consultants bring a combination of deep systems ...

Bottomline Technologies Ltd
Bottomline Technologies helps organisations pay and get paid. For many years we have been supplying technology used by thousands of organisations across the globe.

D E Ford Insurance Brokers
D E Ford Insurance Brokers Limited specialise in providing insurance and risk management advice to charities. We have a long history of delivering cost effective solutions and now act for ...

Ecclesiastical Insurance
Ecclesiastical has been helping and protecting not-for-profit organisations for 125 years. The fact we’re owned by a charity and give a large proportion to our profit to charity only adds ...

Gallagher delivers insurance solutions across all areas of the voluntary sector – and our global reach means that whether you’re based in the UK or overseas, we can arrange cover ...

TNL Consulting
Our services support charities, membership organisations and public-sector bodies to develop greater resilience so that they can better respond and adapt to changing environments and disruptive challenge. Our services cover ...

UK Charity Insurance
UKCI combines specialist charity insurance knowledge and a real-world understanding of the needs of modern charities to make sure your cover really is fit for purpose.

WRS Insurance Brokers Limited
Are you looking for help and support with your charities risk issues? If so let Chris Chapman and his team come and listen to you and understand your needs.